Kirk Offers Love Advice To 'Gilmore Girls' Fans & Here's What We Can Learn From Him

Sometimes, we all need a little advice when it comes to our love lives. No matter what state we’re in — single, married, divorced, or engaged — we’re often too close to things emotionally to see them clearly. So, if you’re needing some added input these days on the way things in your life have been going romantically, you’re in luck, because Kirk from Gilmore Girls is giving romantic advice in real time. This is exciting for fans of the show (and fans of love in general), but, even if your question doesn’t get answered directly (check out the show’s Twitter page for your response), there are still a number of romantic lessons that we can learn from Kirk’s love life.

This Stars Hollow resident has made a number of decisions when it comes to love that are worth examining. Whether it was his first date with Lulu, or that super awkward time he asked out Lorelai, Kirk has had a number of challenging romantic moments. As helpful as Kirk’s advice might be in real time — and we could all use a little help in the romance department every now and then — there are some clear takeaways from Kirk’s own love life during the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls.

1. Just Because Someone Flirts With You Doesn’t Mean They’re Into You


It was uncomfortable for everyone when Lorelai flirted with Kirk for no apparent reason. Of course, the poor guy took her advances as a sign of true love and instantly made a move. But this is a good reminder for everyone: Just because someone is showing outward signs of falling for you, it doesn’t mean they actually are. Be patient. See if their gestures last beyond the first few infatuated weeks or months. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve found yourself a good one.

2. Get Rid Of The Toxic People In Your Life


Not to hate on anyone who is living at home (sometimes saving on rent make sense), but Kirk’s living situation is a horrible one: His mother is overbearing and cruel and keeps him feeling incompetent and terrible about himself. If you’re in a situation like this, whether it be at home, at work, or in a relationship, you need to get out of it. The people in your life should build you up, not tear you down.

3. Find Your Passion And Stick With It


Finding love is something very different than moving forward in your career, but consistency in one area of your life can signal to your romantic interests that you are consistent in others. In other words, maybe find a job and stick with it, instead of bouncing around from job to job with no real direction of your own. It’s important for your own personal growth and super attractive to others, too.

4. Don’t Fall In Love With Things That Don’t Love You


Remember Cat Kirk? Kirk loved Cat Kirk, and Cat Kirk did nothing but torment Kirk. Don’t fall in love with a Cat Kirk. If something is causing you pain, let it go.

5. Always Be Prepared


Here’s something Kirk did right: Before his first date with Lulu, he practiced for hours. I don’t know if that level of time commitment is totally necessary, but it definitely helped that he worked through his self-doubt and insecurities ahead of time so that he was totally prepared to sweep her off her feet.

6. Be Confident


On his first date with Lulu, Kirk expects that she’ll walk out the door if he even so much as gets up to go to the bathroom. I’m sure his lack of confidence didn’t exactly help him in scoring romantically up until this point. Take a lesson from Kirk here, and remember to remind yourself that you have just as much to offer a person as they have to offer you. Sometimes more.

7. Leave Your Baggage At The Door


Kirk had to do this after confessing to Luke that the reason he was so nervous to date Lulu was because he was bullied terribly growing up. This might be a tragic story, but it’s definitely one that you want to process through before starting to date. Or at least save it until date three.

Clearly there are some good and bad lessons to take away from Kirk’s own love life. He definitely had some misses early on, but he went on to date Lulu happily from 2003 until the end of the Gilmore Girls. That’s a pretty successful dating record, if you ask me.

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