What Song Did You Lose Your Virginity To?

I lost my virginity to “One of Us,” Joan Osborne. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. I had gone to visit my first boyfriend at his school and since it was his birthday, among the gifts I gave him, one was an album by The Doors. So we put that on as our background music. However, since we were both virgins and were unsure of, well, things (mostly how to use a condom), by the time I actually lost it The Doors was over and the stereo automatically switched to the radio — and “One of Us,” happened to be on. Although, honestly, not being a fan of The Doors, I’m not sure that would have been much better.

For many of us, the day we lose our virginity is one we don’t forget. Not because it’s great or anything — in fact, it’s usually a bit awkward — but because it's the very first time you have sex. It’s like your first kiss, your first love, or the first time you find out how people even have sex… it’s imprinted on your mind forever.

Because of this, the music that happens to be playing (or not playing) while you first have sex, is something that lingers in your brain forever. I asked 11 people the songs that happened to be playing when they lost their virginity… and oh my, to quote George Takei, are they interesting. (And, yes, some names have been changed to stop further embarrassment.)

1. *Sarah, 30


2. Mary, 35

“'Golden Hair' by Syd Barrett. An awkward tempo.”

3. Mel, 27

"It was radio, so technically speaking i lost it to a car commercial? Sighhhhhhh."

4. *Leigh, 33

“I don't want my name to be included it's too embarrassing. I was 21 on a mattress on the floor that had Star Wars sheets on it and that annoying Enigma song was playing and every time I've heard it since I cringe.”

5. Jen, 36

“[It was] ‘1979’ by Smashing Pumpkins.”

4. Colleen, 30

"No music."

5. Julie, 31

"Sigur Ros' ( ) album in its entirety."

6. Iva-Marie, 35

"Weren't no time for a soundtrack ... Although it followed an impromptu protest of the closing of a teen nightclub, so music was involved."

7. Holly, 29

“It was ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ — the first song or two. Pink Floyd was, and probably still is, his favorite band. I never liked them.”

8. Gabby, 25

"Does it count if it was personally-composed techno music played from the bed-adjacent laptop of le boy in question?"

9. Sandra, 37

"'The Boy Is Mine,' by Brandy and Monica."

10. Sarah, 28

"The album 'Strap it On' by Helmet."

11. Lita, 38

"Mine is one in Spanish, "El Universo" by Aute. As I was translating the words to my partner, I realised I wanted them to come true and I told him that I felt prepared. It's both touching and sensual, this song. It was an amazing and tender moment."

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Giphy