Alicia Keys Steals Josh Halverson Back On Her Team On 'The Voice' Proving That He Is This Season's Underdog

Some The Voice contestants have nine lives, and Josh Halverson is one of them. Season 11's resident folk artist has proven once again that he's just too good to pass up. Though he lost his battle against fellow Team Miley artist Aaron Gibson, Halverson earned Alicia Keys' final steal and gained the last spot in The Voice Top 20. While this would be an impressive feat for any contestant, it's even more impressive for Halverson considering this is the second time he's been eliminated and then stolen. The first time he was eliminated by Coach Alicia and stolen by Coach Miley. But now he has returned to his place on Team Alicia and is ready to take the Live Shows by storm. Will his luck continue? Well, if he follows in the footsteps of the show's most notable underdog, then that just might be so.

On Season 7 of The Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd quickly earned the title of underdog after being stolen not once, but twice throughout the preliminary rounds. He bounced from Team Blake to Team Gwen and finally back to Team Blake during the first three rounds of the season. And as luck would have it, Boyd went on to win the entire competition. Sound familiar? Halverson has been through the same course throughout the first three rounds of competition. While there's no knowing if Halverson will go on to win this season of The Voice, the odds are definitely stacked in his favor.

It's not easy to win over the coaches' undying affection, but Halverson has done exactly that with Alicia. Why else would she take him back on her team after she's already eliminated him? Obviously Alicia believes in Halverson enough to take him into the Live Shows. By being 100% himself, Halverson has shown Alicia exactly the type of artist he wants to be and she is completely on board with helping him reach his full potential. With Alicia on his side, is it possible for Halverson to live the same fate as Boyd? It's still too soon to tell, but I for one can't wait to be along for the ride.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC