12 Household Items That'll Make You Feel Like You Live With The Gilmores

The Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls means the return of many beloved locations — from Emily's house to Stars Hallow. But it's telling that the first teaser for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life took place in the Gilmore Girls house with Rory and Lorelai bantering at their kitchen table. That's because Lorelai's house is such a iconic fixture of the show. It makes total sense that a really devoted fan would want to emulate the quirky Gilmore home with some Gilmore Girls-inspired household items and decor — and this list is here to get you started.

Lorelai's style is kind of all over the place — part vintage, part rock 'n' roll, part shabby chic — but one thing it never could be defined as was boring. Although Lorelai certainly made some questionable fashion decisions when it came to her clothing during the seven original seasons of the Gilmore Girls, her home benefitted from her eclectic aesthetic. It was always a cozy place for Rory to return to and even if its haphazardness made Emily cringe, it's the type of place many Gilmore Girls fans would want to live in.

While there is a ton of Gilmore Girls merchandise you can purchase, here instead are some household items that the Gilmores had — or would have — in their home to make it feel like you're hanging with Lorelai and Rory.

1. Young Boy With Dog Print

If you ever wondered what the portrait hanging in the Gilmore's foyer was, it's the painting Young Boy with Dog by Samuel Miller and you can buy your own version of this classic art.

Young Boy with Dog, starting at $160.00, HandmadePiece

2. Vacuuming Robot

For a more functional Gilmore household item, get yourself a Roomba (Parks and Rec's Tom Haverford would approve). This vacuuming robot may have only appeared once in Gilmore Girls, but it will clean your house for years to come.

iRobot Roomba, starting at $374.99, iRobot

3. Yale Pennant

Regardless if you were a Yale Bulldog yourself or not, you can show some school spirit for Rory's alma mater with this Yale pennant.

12x30 Pennant, $13.99, YaleBullDogBlue

4. Hanging Bookshelf

Another Rory bedroom essential is a hanging bookshelf, so all of your favorite authors' books will be prominently displayed for when Jess comes over.

Danya B. Large Rectangular White Shelf Unit, $69.95, Amazon

5. Floral Lampshade

The Gilmore house was always rocking a multitude of mismatching floral lampshades, so pretty much any shabby chic-inspired lampshade with flowers shall do — like this pretty pink floral one from Etsy seller Sassyshades.

Floral Lampshade, $75.00, Etsy

6. Monkey Lamp

This particular monkey lamp is a bit more coconutty than Lorelai's lamp from Season 1, but it's still an acceptable replacement for crystal candlesticks courtesy of your mother. I wouldn't necessarily advise pairing it with the floral lampshades though.

Monkeys Bahama Lamp, $38.92, Amazon

7. Vase

Having plenty of fresh flowers is essential for channeling the Gilmore abode, so make sure you have vases to put those yellow daisies in. Even if you can't go shopping at Kim's Antiques, you can find vintage-looking vases for reasonable prices.

Deco 79 Ceramic Vase, $32.60, Amazon

8. Take-out Menu Organizer

Do the Gilmores have such a functional wall-hanging box to keep all of their take-out menus organized in? No, but they probably should.

Take-out Menu Organizer Box, $23.99, Amazon

9. Hello Kitty Alarm Clock

During Lorelai's dream of a future with Luke, she had a frightening amount of alarm clocks. The first one she turned off is this Hello Kitty teacup alarm clock that appears only to be available from sellers on eBay.

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock Radio Night Light AM/FM Teacup, $10.95 (prices vary), eBay

10. Throw Blanket

The girls needed to stay warm in Connecticut when they were watching all of their movies and TV, so you'll want to stay just as snuggled as them with a crocheted blanket. Try this teal one (Lorelai had a similar one) from Julie's Craft Corner on Etsy.

Crocheted Handmade Full Adult Size Afghan/Blanket/Throw, $55.00, Etsy

11. Traditional Coffee Maker

While I'm sure the Gilmores would approve of the speediness that is associated with using a single-serve coffee maker like a Keurig, you're going to need a full pot of coffee. I'd go with a more traditional model that makes at least 12 cups and make sure to find one that's pretty, like Lorelai advised Richard to do.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Digital Programmable Coffee Maker, $59.99, Amazon

12. Coffee Mugs

You're going to need something to put that coffee in and the same rule for the coffee maker goes for the mug — large and pretty. While I never saw her use a swanky handwarming mug like this one, I'm pretty sure that Lorelai would want one if she knew it existed.

Clay in Motion Handwarmer Mug, $24.95, Amazon

With these 12 items, you'll be feeling like a Gilmore in no time. So gather your Gilmore Girls gear before the Netflix revival premieres on Nov. 25.

Image: Saeed Adyani/Netflix