Why Is Beyoncé At The 2016 CMAs? She's Taking The Stage For The Very First Time

A Super Bowl performance, best-selling tour, Emmy nomination, amazing VMA performance, and record-breaking album just weren’t enough for Beyoncé’s 2016. Overachiever that she is, she had to stretch her talents into one more thing for the year — the 2016 CMAs. Why is Beyoncé at the 2016 CMAs? Um, I think the better question is why hasn’t Beyoncé been at every CMA Award ceremony before this one?

Rumors leaked early in the day of the 2016 CMA Awards that Beyoncé would be ascending the stage at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, to stage a surprise performance at the ceremony. I obviously hoped they were true, but who knows? Maybe Beyoncé is just a big-time country music fan. I mean, she is from Texas. She could have just kept this part of her hidden from her fandom all of this time, but maybe she really just wants to record a duets album with Reba McEntire and release it in the dead of the night like she has her last few. Nothing wrong with that in my book. Anyway, multiple outlets and sources (including Us Weekly) confirmed that Beyoncé would be performing at the 2016 CMAs, but not who she would be performing with (if possible) and what she would be singing.

So what could she be doing? Mum is the word so far, but how about a double dose of girl power? The Dixie Chicks covered "Daddy Issues" by Beyoncé at a performance earlier in 2016, so it would only be fitting if Beyoncé could join them, no?

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Good music is good music, you guys, so if Beyoncé wants to pop into the CMAs, I'm all for it. It's not the first time a huge pop star has made an appearance on the CMA stage — Justin Timberlake performed with Chris Stapleton in 2015, and you know, Taylor Swift exists. Beyoncé is certainly the biggest deal, though, and she is certainly at the 2016 CMAs.