Where Can You Buy Hard Candy x Trolls? Here's Where To Stock Up On All The Glittery Goods

Ah, the makeup brand of my youth has just graced me with its presence yet again, and it feels as though I’m a kid again. Hard Candy has just launched their Trolls makeup collection. The vibrant brand has been known to have the most delicious-looking products to date, and this collection is no exception.

Halloween may be over, but the Trolls are still here! It seems like Trolls-inspired vibrant colors are totally in, too — take the colorful succulent hair and nail trend that's all the rage on the Internet! But no one does pops of color better than Trolls. Encompassing the rainbow makeup of our dreams, the Hard Candy x Trolls collection includes eyeshadow palettes, pastel hair chalk, luminizers, tie-dye lipstick, and color-changing lip gloss — you read that right.

So if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, which is “I cannot live without these wonderful little creations,” you don’t have to go too far to get your hands on these little babies. Just in time for the release of the film, Hard Candy x Trolls is available in-store at Walmart stores across the nation.

Now for the icing on the rainbow funfetti cake: the entire collection ranges from $6-$8. This means that you can be your very own Troll doll without shelling out too much cash. Wear it to the movie, or during the day — whatever you decide, it's time to start trolling!

Hard Candy Trolls Collection Color Changing Lip Gloss, $6, Walmart

If you thought mood rings were cool, you're going to flip over this lip gloss.

Hard Candy Trolls Collection Pass The Glitter Palette, $8, Walmart

This is for the glitter-lovers out there.

Hard Candy Trolls Collection Marbleized Lipstick, $6, Walmart

Honestly though, you really can't get any cuter than this.

Hard Candy Trolls Collection Hair Chalk Kit, $6, Walmart

Channel your favorite troll doll or create your own with this hair chalk kit.

Hard Candy Trolls Collection Celebrate Eyeshadow Palette, $8, Walmart

If you're looking to get playful with your eye makeup, this is the palette to do it with.

I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!

Images: Hard Candy