Twitter Loves Taraji x Jussie For MAC VIVA GLAM

Incoming! For 2016, the adorbs Ariana Grande served as the MAC VIVA GLAM spokesperson, promoting four lipsticks and glosses during her tenure. Since the brand swaps out VIVA GLAM ambassadors every year, Empire stars Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollet are the new MAC VIVA GLAM reps for 2017. VIVA GLAM is a critical initiative beyond prettifying pouts. Since its inception, 100 percent of VIVA GLAM proceeds are donated to the MAC AIDS Fund, which helps men, women, and children living and dealing with AIDS and HIV. Fans of the brand, the actors, and the effort reacted joyfully on Twitter, because the new shades are bomb AF.

The new VIVA GLAM crew shared photos of the the forthcoming lippies. There is a fuchsia lipstick and Lip Glass. Both are insanely adventurous and add immediate glam to your look. You could schlep around in sweats with one swipe of either texture on your lips and BOOM! Instant diva, yo!

Henson's Empire -themed MAC collab was a maj success, so it's no surprise that MAC is extending its relationship with the woman who brings Cookie to life on the small screen each week. The Taraji x Jussie MAC VIVA Glam lippies will arrive at MAC stores and on counters in February 2017. So make a reminder in your calendar... now!

Observe the new VIVA GLAM hues.

This pink is hawt, in both lipstick and lip gloss form!

Um, yeah, both Henson and Smollet smolder in the campaign imagery.

Now, let's see what Twitter had to say about this collab from top to bottom.

None more glam!

It's cool AF.

They slay, indeed.

Henson is a total queen.

Glam is on the horizon, for sure.

No one-hit-wonder here.

Fans are excited and they should be. This partnership is right on every level.

Images: Courtesy of MAC (2)