'Back To The Future' Was Right About The Cubs

by Amy Mackelden

If there was ever a time to utter the phrase "Great Scott!" it's right now, because a prediction made in Back To The Future II just came true. Sort of. While the movie's screenwriters were a year off, they somehow managed to predict that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series again, for the first time since 1908. The Back To The Future sequel, released in 1989, famously takes place in 2015. Alongside the release of self-lacing Nike Mags just like Marty McFly's, everyone's favorite '80s movie is beginning to seem all kinds of prophetic. Understandably, the internet is freaking out, because if Back To The Future II was right about the Cubs (albeit a year out), what else did the classic film get correct about the future?

When everyone watched the movie for the first time, the future looked like a completely crazy place that was so far removed from the real world, it seemed like total fiction. But lately, Back To The Future II has started to look like a guidebook to what 2016 would be like more than ever before. While the movie claimed that 2015 would be the pinnacle year for the Chicago Cubs, it's definitely made me wished that I'd trusted Grays Sports Almanac and continued to bet on that team.

It's likely that the screenwriters picked the Cubs as the unlikely winners of the World Series for the flash forward to 2015, because the team hadn't had much luck to date. As well as last winning the World Series in 1908, Deadline reported that "it also was the Cubs’ first World Series appearance since 1945, when they lost to the Detroit Tigers in seven games." Clearly, the Cubs were due some luck finally, after so many years of disappointment. It's just so apt that they happened to make their comeback so close to Back To The Future II's prediction.

Alongside the Cubs winning the World Series, and self-lacing shoes being a real and purchasable thing now, the Back To The Future sequel got some other things right about life after 2015. Video calls are a completely normal and daily occurrence, microwave ovens have revolutionized cooking, and movies are all about the immersive experience. Life might not be exactly the same as it is in Hill Valley, but it's getting pretty close.

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy