The 'Scandal' Season 6 Trailer Brings Drama To Mellie's Presidential Race — VIDEO

If there's one show I hate waiting for, it's Scandal. Season 5 wrapped in May 2016, and the show has been on hiatus since then for a very important reason — Kerry Washington's second pregnancy. But, luckily for all Shondaland obsessives out there, the trailer for Season 6 of Scandal has dropped, and it does not disappoint. Like, not at all. Due to premiere on January 19, when Grey's Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder return from mid-season hiatus, new episodes of Scandal look every bit as shocking and exciting as you'd expect.

First of all, the election results are in, and it's entirely possible that Mellie Grant could be the next President. With the incredibly attractive and dangerously skilled Jake Ballard running as her Vice President, the pair look super comfortable on stage together at a rally. But, behind the scenes, there seem to be a lot of disagreements going on. Firstly, Mellie tells Olivia that she doesn't want to run for President anymore, but, obviously, Olivia Pope isn't going to let that happen. Fitz appears to embrace Olivia, hinting that the connection between the pair is still very much alive in the new season. And in the briefest clip, Huck and Quinn witness a cabin exploding.

Basically, I cannot wait for Scandal to return so I can find out what the heck is going on.

As the trailer proves, there's a lot to look forward to from the new season of Scandal, even if much of the plot is still under wraps. One of the most exciting aspects of the show has always been Kerry Washington's captivating performance as Olivia Pope, and it feels good to see the actress take the lead once more. Never one to shy away from a complicated or compromising situation, Olivia's quest to make Mellie the President, alongside her former flame Jake, seems to be the focus in this trailer. Clearly, working with Jake, who's now married, is going to be tricky — not to mention the fact that Olivia's working extremely closely with Fitz's ex-wife Mellie. While I'd absolutely want Olivia Pope to run my campaign if I was running for President, the relationship dynamics between this trio have got to be messy.

Importantly, Fitz is in the new trailer, which is great news for any Olivia and Fitz 'shippers. Fitz won't be President for the first time in the show's history, which means we'll get to know the character in a brand new capacity. Will the seemingly doomed relationship between Olivia and Fitz finally work now he's not in the Oval Office? Something tells me that their relationship will never be easy, but maybe they'll end up moving to Vermont after all?

All will be revealed on January 19, when Scandal Season 6 finally airs. Shonda Rhimes is basically the greatest person in the world, am I right?

Images: ABCTelevisionNetwork/YouTube