Beyonce's Solo "Daddy Lessons" Music Video Is The Perfect Companion To Her Performance — VIDEO

As if we haven't been spoiled with enough Beyoncé magic in 2016, Thursday saw the release of the singer's "Daddy Lessons" music video. Since Lemonade's release in April, Beyoncé has embarked on the Formation World Tour, collected an inordinate number of awards, won Halloween with the best costume hands down, and now, released five singles from the album she brought out mere months ago. Clearly, 2016 is the year of Beyoncé. No one should need me to tell them that, but if you require more proof, just take a look at the completely awesome "Daddy Lessons" solo music video that the artist just dropped.

Following the singer's performance at the 2016 CMA Awards alongside the Dixie Chicks, it makes sense for Beyoncé to release "Daddy Lessons" as a single. The Dixie Chicks started performing the song during their tour in 2016, and clearly the "Formation" singer was a fan of their rendition, bringing them to the stage with her on Wednesday night. The Dixie Chicks and Beyoncé already made a studio version of their collaboration available for free on Soundcloud, which makes it even more exciting to finally see the official music video for "Daddy Lessons." The timing is completely perfect, and fans are spoiled for choice, with so many different versions of the song now available.

If you missed Lemonade on HBO, or just plain don't have a TIDAL account, the "Daddy Lessons" music video is perfect to catch up. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some poetry, Beyoncé, and awesomeness, because, after performing the song on stage, Beysus decided to bless us one more time with this gift. And then, once you're done watching the music video, catch her singing the song with the Dixie Chicks again.

Because, I mean, why not?

Images: TIDAL