Wes Is Annalise's Enemy Now On 'HTGAWM'

Just when you thought that Annalise had her allies all figured out on How To Get Away With Murder, Wes had to come in and throw a wrench in all of it, huh? He’s Annalise’s favorite, and that will make what he has done so much worse. What is Wes doing to Annalise on How To Get Away With Murder ? He’s trying to send her murderous ass to jail, and I can’t blame him.

Annalise has ruined the lives of, oh, everyone she’s ever known, so for one of her Keating 5 associates to want to take revenge against her isn’t surprising. For me, it’s who that’s surprising. The show has been flashing forward and backward all season long, but the moment furthest in the future has been Wes selling Annalise down the river in exchange for blanket immunity that he couldn’t be charged as an accomplice in any of her crimes. Annalise’s charges at the moment are arson and first-degree murder, so my guess is that she killed someone in her house and then set it on fire. Wes must have known about it, and he spilled the beans to the cops. But where is he getting his motivation and hate of Annalise? This is quite the long con.

The way I see it, there are two choices — Annalise hurt Laurel, who Wes is now in love with (and may be the father of her baby, since she’s pregnant), and Wes is tired of being in this circle with Annalise and wants to make her pay. The other choice is that Wes has actually been planning this since Season 2, when Annalise consistently lied to him about his parentage. Honestly, I would have sent Annalise to the slammer for much less, so I support him in his endeavors. Someone needs to put a stop to Annalise’s hateful ways, and the fact that its her favorite Keating 5 member and surrogate son just make it that much more delicious.

Images: Gilles Mingasson/ABC; Giphy