14 Things To Watch On Netflix If The Election Is Getting To You

While the 2016 presidential election has seemed never-ending, it's almost surreal that it's finally coming to an end. If you've been getting depressed by the constant media coverage or the rhetoric from the candidates (particularly from one of the candidates), then Netflix is here to help you get through the election. Yes, there are only a few days left until this great nation of ours will know if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next president, but you're going to need all of the distraction you can get up until then — and possibly after.

This election season has been a rough one, my friends. So rough in fact that people like Sheryl Crow are advocating for shorter election cycles. Over the years, it was pretty much a known fact that Clinton would be running for president again, but things reached a whole new pinnacle of absurd in June 2015 when Trump officially announced he was running. After 16 months, Nov. 8 is finally upon us and the hell that has been this election will come to an end. Yet, sometimes pushing through those last days can be the toughest. That's where the fine programming of Netflix comes in.

Whether you've known who you'll be casting your ballot for for many long months or you took advantage of early voting, it's time for you to let non-political entertainment nonsense fill your brain space until the winner of this election is announced. Switch away from news channels, stop scrolling your Facebook News Feed, and go dark for a few days with Netflix. You can temporarily find joy once again with these 14 movies and TV shows (sorry, stand-up comedy, you hit too close to home) that are streaming. Get lost in the depths of Netflix and depending on the outcome, you'll hopefully emerge a more contented person after election day.

1. The Road to El Dorado


Nothing takes you away from reality quicker than animated films — especially when that film is about discovering the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. This overlooked gem with Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh will have you singing along in no time, thanks to music from Elton John. (Take that, Lion King!)

2. Mascots


Christopher Guest's mockumentaries with his tell-tale style of improvised humor never fail to amuse me. Laugh at — not with — the characters of this Netflix original movie, who lack any sort of self-awareness.

3. 50 First Dates


Drew Barrymore's character has short-term memory loss. If you're wishing you were in the same boat, watch this Adam Sandler comedy and bonus: the Hawaii scenery is gorgeous. However, if you're inspired to leave the country after this election is over, Hawaii unfortunately won't help you.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Get completely absorbed in this beautiful Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey film about another form of memory loss — self-imposed. Will it leave you depressed? Most definitely — but at least you'll be depressed about love and not the state of the country.

5. The Walking Dead


Whether you're sad/angry with The Walking Dead for its Season 7 premiere or don't know what the fuss is all about, you can watch six seasons of a zombie-filled world where no president exists at all — but watch out since there is a Governor.

6. Clueless


A timeless classic that can be watched again and again — especially if you're wishing for the peace of mind that must come with being as Clueless as Cher.

7. Hot Fuzz


Let's get out of America for awhile and travel to the charming British countryside where Simon Pegg and Nick Frost must figure out what's plaguing the town's older demographic.

8. Bad Boys II


Ready for a double feature? See what all of the Bad Boys II references that Hot Fuzz had were all about and watch Will Smith and Martin Lawrence kick some serious ass.

9. Shakespeare in Love


Back to England we go because if Shakespeare's epic words in this Gwyneth Paltrow romance can't distract you from the election, what can? It sure beats hearing Trump say "bigly."

10. Amélie


England not far enough away? Then a trip to France is in order with the whimsical world of Amélie. You're going to have to become engrossed since you'll have to keep up with the subtitles of this charming French film.

11. Dragon Tattoo Trilogy: Extended Edition


I think I'm onto something here with these international films, so hunker down and watch the original Swedish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie series. In this extended edition, each of the three films is broken into two parts and features additional scenes. Over nine hours of subtitles in this thriller will surely make you forget your own worries.

12. Wentworth


OK, one more international suggestion. If you've already watched all of Orange Is the New Black, check out Australia's TV series about a women's prison. Season 4 just aired Down Under in the summer of 2016 and all four current seasons are available to stream.

13. Jane the Virgin


Don't appreciate how Hispanics have been talked about during this election? Watch the first two seasons of the fabulous Jane Villanueva to remind you of the good (and crazy dramatic!) things in life.

14. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp


Go back to a simpler time: Camp Firewood in 1981. Seeing some of your favorite star's in this bizarre eight-episode prequel series will have you feeling "Higher and Higher."

While I can guarantee these 14 titles will distract you for the time being — don't hold me to anything once the next President of the United States is announced.

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