Aubrih Shippers Are Not Happy About Taylor

by Michelle McGahan

It's a confusing time to be a Drake fan, particularly if you're invested in his maybe-relationship with Rihanna. For Aubrih fans who think (know) that Drizzy and Rihanna are end game, those Drake/Taylor Swift dating rumors certainly threw a wrench into that ship. Now with Drake's Instagram post — starring him and T. Swift with their backs to the camera — it has not taken long for Aubrih shippers to voice their opinions loud and clear in the comments. And guys, they are not happy.

To be clear, though, the rapper is probably not dating Swift. Sure, there were inevitable ~rumors~ (especially since she attended his birthday party), but now the scuttlebutt is that the two are collaborating. Which, you would think, would be a lot more palatable to disgraced Aubrih fans than the idea of Swift and Drake actually being in a relationship. But TBH, no matter which way you slice it, fans are not here for a Drake/Taylor collab in the music or romance sense of the word — and they let those feelings be known.

First, you have the people leaving snake emojis in the comments. Obviously they're intended to be a representation of Swift and a reminder of her so-called "snake in the grass"-like behavior, leftover from that Calvin Harris "This Is What You Came For" drama and the Kim Kardashian "Famous" phone call recording. Then you just have more obvious haters, who tagged their friends and wrote things like, "this is the worst thing I've ever seen," and "this is the worst day of life. Love is dead, Taylor ruins everything." Yikes.

In between every knee-jerked "NO," "WTF," and "DELETE THIS," sometimes there are more coherent comments:

"I will turn in my grave before I let this happen."


"Lmfao drop Rihanna for t🐍🐍🐍??? Biggest L of 2016."

In short, fans are not happy that Drake is even friends with T. Swift (whether that's in a romantic way or a professional sense), and the comment section of this Instagram pic is a hot mess of controversy, cyberbullying, and all-around horrified reactions.

Drake's smart, though, and his Instagram campaign is working. This is clearly the first "official" inkling that something is going on between these two, and this photo has already generated a crazy amount of buzz. If the plan was to get people talking — which it most definitely was — it's certainly working.