The Puma x COOGI Collab Is '90s AF

by Summer Arlexis

Fans of '90s nostalgia and hip hop, brace yourselves: This collaboration has the Notorious B.I.G. written all over it. According to HYPEBEAST, the COOGI x Puma Clyde will be the reviving the '90s in a major way in Spring 2017. The Australian brand is linking up with Puma to birth two versions of the low-top Clyde sneakers: One with an all-over rainbow knit and black suede Formstripe, and another with the inverse color scheme.

Prepare for the '90s nostalgia to hit hard, because this killer collab will give you some serious multicolored flashbacks. Combining COOGI's trademark pattern with one of PUMA's heritage products, the sneaker perfectly captures the history of both iconic brands. The signature kaleidoscope pattern alone already makes these kicks worth checking for — but to really up the ante, every shoe's fabric will be taken directly from genuine COOGI sweaters. Yes, actual COOGI. In other words, you could be walking around with a little piece of '90s history with these babies.

Although sneak peek photos are already circulating, an exact release date for the special shoe hasn't been announced. If you expect to be "COOGI down to the socks" like Biggie Smalls, you'll just have to stay tuned in the upcoming months.

Beyond this incredible collab, both Puma and COOGI are highly sought-after. In September 2017, the Original Rihanna Puma Creepers were nearly impossible to snag and when a custom pair of COOGI knit Nike Air 1's surfaced, sneaker fanatics went into a frenzy. The same can probably be expected of the Puma x COOGI Clyde sneakers once they're finally available for purchase.

If you're really feeling the loud and proud '90s vibes, the all-over COOGI knit Clyde's are the way to go. But the black pair featuring a patterned Formstripe are still just as badass even with their subtle approach. Either way, they're both definitely '90s approved fashion and totally on point.

Images: CoogiBrand/Instagram