PSA: People Are Making Christmas Trees Out Of Wine

Wine lovers, rejoice! This is your time to shine, because according to a trend making its way across social media right now, you can make your Christmas tree out of wine bottles. Yes, that's right: Skip the whole family tradition of choosing an evergreen from the local lot and simply construct a tree out of what is already cluttering up your basement: Empty bottles of wine. It's worth noting that while this hack generally refers to Christmas trees, anyone is welcome to give this a try — a "holiday tree" (or an anytime tree, for that matter) constructed from chic wine bottles is just as impressive as a Christmas tree made out of the same.

If you enjoy a nice bottle of wine, you already know that the only thing more exciting than a delicious taste is an adorable label on the bottle. Sure, a cute label doesn't guarantee you'll like the actual taste of the wine, but it definitely makes it easier to upcycle the wine bottle when it's empty. If you have more than a few empty wine bottles, you can consider doing a number of wine bottle hacks to decorate your apartment, kitchen, bedroom, or so on. Decorating your space is a great way to get in touch with your own personal style or bond with family and roommates.

And now, thanks to the festive wine-lovers among us, we know we can construct the ultimate chic and sleek holiday tree. Ah, the wonders of wine.

Now, the beauty of making a holiday tree out of wine bottles is that you actually have a lot of options. You can make one small enough to fit on your desk or table, or you can have a full spread for a living room. Of course, if you have children or pets, you need to think wisely about whether this is a good idea or not, but hey: If you're living the solo life or have adult roommates, it could be ideal. Weather permitting, you can totally set up a wine holiday tree outside, such as on your porch, too!

In terms of decorations, you can go in many directions. If you have an assortment of wine bottles that don't match, you can simply cover them with a new covering, like wrapping paper or other design, so they coordinate. If your bottles match, you can string some subtle lights to add flash to the tree. If you have a nice assortment of ribbons or lace, those can go really far to give a fun touch to otherwise plain bottles. You can also arrange them in a pattern based on color, design, or shape of the bottles. And yes, depending on your base, you can totally still include a star and other ornaments on your tree!

Remember, the most important thing about decorating and celebrating the holidays is to have fun and stay safe! While empty wine bottles might make for a lovely and unique holiday tree, it's probably best if you construct them while sober. After all, cleaning up a mess of broken glass is no one's idea of a fun Christmas Eve. Happy Holidays, everybody!