Tina Knowles Recreated Beyonce & Solange's Album Covers & Her Looks Are Incredible — PHOTOS

Solange and big sister Beyonce may be the stars of the Knowles family, but they definitely get it from their mama. When Tina Knowles recreated Beyonce and Solange's album covers on Instagram, she proved she's the real queen here.

The Knowles women had a mini family reunion during Solange's debut performance on Saturday Night Live when Tina and Beyonce showed up to support the singer. Tina took to Instagram on Sunday to share moments from Solange's big day and of all the photos she snapped, her impersonations of Bey and Solange were the highlight of her camera reel. With minimal makeup and hair clips clinging onto her wavy locks, she posed in a headshot mimicking the cover of Solange's A Seat at the Table album. And she didn't stop there. Her next post was a recreation of Yonce's black hat with braided pigtails "Formation" music video look.

Her impersonations were pure perfection, and definitely prove that Bey and Solange are the spitting image of their mother. They may have made you gag over how stunning they were in these now iconic looks, but it was Mama Knowles who really made you stare in amazement.

The fashion designer played dress up in all the right ways. She nailed the intense gaze and the multicolored clips were so reminiscent of Solange's festive hair.

Then she worked an off-the-shoulder dress and blonde pigtails like Bey. Adding a vampy lip and a grandiose necklace, she executed the "Formation" attire flawlessly like only the queen's mama could.

We've seen the Knowles women dressed similarly before. Tina recently shared a collage feauring herself, Beyonce and Solange all slaying in bright red. And there's no forgetting how goddess-like they looked when they matched in white for Solange's wedding photos.

But this just may be the first time we've seen Tina downright copying her daughters in the best possible way. Considering how on point she looked, here's to hoping we see Tina doing more impersonations in the future. Her girls are so dynamic that there are plenty more iconic Bey and Solange looks just waiting to be recreated.

Image: Stanslaus Chola/YouTube