Alicia Keys Stands By Sa'rayah On 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

Get up and vote! Not just for your next president (you really need to do that, by the way), but for your favorite The Voice artist. For the first time in the show's history, the Top 20 The Voice contestants will become the Top 12 in just one night—and the voting and results will all happen live. Results are being tabulated so quickly, in fact, that we’re barely halfway through the Live Shows and already know the fate of Team Alicia. Christian Cuevas, W é McDonald and Sa’rayah are the lucky three to advance to the Top 12 for Team Alicia, but the results proved one major thing—that Alicia Keys really, really believes in Sa’rayah.

As a refresher: Of the five Top 20 artists of each team, only three advance to the Top 12. Of the three, two are selected by America and one is selected, or “saved,” by their coach. For Team Alicia, Cuevas and McDonald were the lucky two to be saved by America—and for good reason. Both artists slayed their Top 20 performance and proved that they have what it takes to advance. That left Kylie Rothfield, Josh Halverson and Sa’rayah. Alicia could only choose one of these talented artists to keep on her team, and she chose Sa’rayah.

Now, if you remember correctly, this isn’t the first time Alicia has saved Sa’rayah. Way back in the Battle Rounds, Alicia stole Sa’rayah from Team Miley after she was eliminated in her battle against Aaron Gibson. Alicia has clung tightly to Sa’rayah ever since and it’s clear that she’s going to keep clinging to her until the very end. And for good reason. Sa’rayah is incredibly talented and possesses many qualities that Alicia has herself. She’s confident, original and an all-around powerful performer. Sa’rayah is completely herself every time she steps on the stage—much like her coach. There’s no doubt that Alicia will keep Sa’rayah around as long as she can because she knows that she can bring Sa’rayah to her full potential. With Alicia as her coach, Sa’rayah has the opportunity to go incredibly far in both this competition and in her career—and I certainly can’t wait to be along for the ride.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC