Election Day

Celebrity Style

Jill Biden's Election Night Pink Coat Provided Some Calm Amid The Chaos

The soothing neutral was a sight for sore eyes.

By Rebecca Fearn
Election 2020

14 Ways To Cope With Not Knowing The Election Results Yet

Strategies from experts to get out of your head.

By Lea Rose Emery and Kaitlyn Wylde
Election 2020

The Squad Have All Won Their Re-Elections

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, & Ayanna Pressley have all kept their seats in the House of Representatives

By Alice Broster

Lizzo's Inspiring Election Day Post Proves She's The American Hero We All Need Right Now

"Stay in line, stay determined and thank YOU for voting."

By Jessica Wang

Cardi B Wants You To Stay In Line (& Bring Snacks) On Election Day

"You could make a change."

By Jessica Wang

Post-Wedding, You'll Need To Re-Register To Vote

By S. Atkinson

13 Ways To Deal With Election Stress Tonight

Deep breaths.

By Michelle Toglia
Celebrity Style

Tiffany Trump's Debate Night Look Was So Different From The Rest Of Her Family


By Mekita Rivas
Election 2020

All Your Voting Questions, Answered

In an election season harried by mail delays and a pandemic, getting up-to-date information is vital.

By Brianna Kovan

Michelle Obama's Viral "Vote" Necklace Is Back In Stock

The former First Lady's organization, When We All Vote, has launched a line of chic voting-themed merch.

By Avery Matera

Why This 27-Year-Old Is Running Against A Legacy Congressman

By Brianna Kovan
Sex & Relationships

How To Talk To Your Partner About Politics When They Couldn’t Care Less

By Griffin Wynne

We Asked Activists For The One Action To Take Each Month Before The Election

By Jo Yurcaba

Beyoncé Just Endorsed A Major Candidate In A New Instagram Photo

By Emily Mae Czachor

The US Has Election Observers And It's Totally Normal — Here's What They Do

By Lani Seelinger

This Voting PSA Features So Many Celebs Talking About Their First Time (... At The Polls)

By Parry Ernsberger