This Election Day Playlist Will Get You Pumped To Vote While Waiting At The Polls

The tense 2016 American presidential election is coming to a close, and the time has finally come for you the voter's voice to be heard. As you queue up at your local polling place, make sure you come prepared with an Election Day playlist that will get you pumped to vote. The lines may be especially long this year, but simply pop in your headphones and allow this music to lift your spirits and carry you through. Let the feelings of elation, pride, (and relief) wash over you as you wait to do your democratic duty.

I always love the sense of anticipation and solemnity I feel waiting in line to cast my ballot — but this election is special. Today, America makes a monumental decision. For the first time in history, a woman is on the presidential ballot as a major party nominee, and nobody should sit out on this historic day (or herstoric moment, if you prefer. I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty emotional right now.) The lines are longest in the morning and evening — before and after work— so be prepared to wait a little while to cast your ballot in this tight race. Who knows? If enough people get out and vote there soon may be a bad*ss Nasty Woman in the White House.

So put in your earphones, and crank up these very tunes to celebrate democracy in action!

1. "Fight Song" — Rachel Platten

RachelPlattenVEVO on YouTube

Start your wait with HRC's campaign song and girl power anthem. This song will help you feel the importance of this truly special moment as you get ready to step into the booth.

2. "Run The World (Girls)" — Beyoncé

beyonceVEVO on YouTube

Let's hope Queen Bey's flawless feminist anthem is right about this election!

3. "Holy Sh*t (You've Got To Vote)" — Rachel Bloom

Funny Or Die on YouTube

Lighten things up by listening to Rachel Bloom explain why every vote counts in this humorous song with help from all your fave celebrity pals.

4. "Sister Suffragette" — Mary Poppins

LoreneFaith on YouTube

This song went right over my head when I watched Mary Poppins as a child, but it seems to be particularly applicable today. The lyrics hold a mix of humor and truth that will make you think back on of all the women who fought so very hard to made what we are doing today possible.

5. "One Day More" — Les Miserables

Peter Avastrat on YouTube

Let's keep the showtunes blasting with this classic fight song. When anxiety about the fate of this country is running high, sometimes the only thing that can make me feel better is some good old fashioned Broadway belting. This song has some remarkable parallels to what our country is going through and is perfect for keeping that revolutionary energy up. Warning: All the harmonies may make you a wee bit emotional.

6. "Born In The U.S.A." — Bruce Springsteen

BruceSpringsteenVEVO on YouTube

Keep the emotions flowing with one of the best politically-charged anthems ever written. This crowdpleaser has killed at Clinton's rallies, and will continue to keep you pumped as you wait in line.

7. "Roar" — Katy Perry

KatyPerryVEVO on YouTube

Katy Perry has been a huge supporter of Clinton since the beginning of her campaign, and this song never fails to lift spirits.

8. "U.N.I.T.Y." — Queen Latifah

QueenLatifahVEVO on YouTube

Queen Latifah's powerful song reminds women of the importance of standing up for yourself.

9. "Brave" — Sara Bareilles

SaraBareillesVEVO on YouTube

After months of a dark election cycle, this country finally gets to use its voice. Get ready to speak your mind on the ballot with this uplifting number!

10. "My Shot" — Hamilton

Wait4It Burr on YouTube

Take a lesson from Alexander Hamilton, and don't throw away your shot to make a difference in this very important election!

11. "None Of Your Business" — Salt 'n Pepa

SillySlang on YouTube

This Salt 'n Pepa song debuted the first year Bill Clinton was in office, and it continues to be one of the best songs about independence out there.

12. "Respect" — Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin - Topic on YouTube

This timeless song from 1965 makes a feminist statement that can't be ignored.

13. "Just A Girl" — No Doubt

NoDoubtVEVO on YouTube

Keep the female energy flowing as we prepare for the ultimate glass ceiling to hopefully be shattered.

14. "Suffragette City" — David Bowie

Alluurpo on YouTube

We're all in Suffragette City today!

15. "Get Up Stand Up" — Bob Marley

mausmausmaus1 on YouTube

This line has been pretty intense, so why don't we take a moment and chill things out with a little inspirational reggae?

16. "President" — Animaniacs

Eoin O'Liathain on YouTube

There seems to be one thing all these presidents have in common. What could that be? Hmmm...

17. "People Have The Power" — Patti Smith

pattismithVEVO on YouTube

Now the time has come for you to finally do your civic duty! Remember, you have the power!