Video Of Kylie Jenner Supporting Hillary Clinton On Snapchat Shows A Rare Political Move For The Star

Personally, I think everyone deserves the right to keep their voting experience as public or private as they want. It's a secret ballot, after all, and no one should feel forced to volunteer that information if they aren't comfortable with it. That said, it is awesome to see how many celebrities are cool with sharing their views and using their openness to encourage others to get out and vote. A somewhat surprising addition to this list? Kylie Jenner snapchatted her support for Hillary Clinton, which wa a rare move for her.

If you keep up with Jenner's social media activity, you know that she keeps things pretty standard to her brand and doesn't often deviate from the norm. Selfies, promotional clips for her makeup line, the occasional romantic snap with Tyga, and some family pictures pretty much sum up what the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner is all about. And that totally works for her. It's also why it's a pleasantly surprise to see her switch things up a bit.

The best part? Her voting post doesn't feel forced or like she was told to do it. Jenner expressed her support for not just voting, but voting for Clinton, in the most Kylie way possible. With a signature selfie video, using Snapchat's "VOTE" glasses filter.

If you didn't quite catch it, in the video, there is text on Jenner's chest that reads, "HER." Insinuating her vote is #WithHer, aka she voted for HRC.

One look at Jenner's Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter account shows that this political post is not something typically in her wheelhouse. For instance, right after snapping this Election Day video, she went back to taking non-political selfies in her car and playing with varying puppy filters.

And it's not just Snapchat. Her posts elsewhere are more about her sharing pics with fans and promoting her brand. Political is not an identifier I'd immediately associate with her. Jenner's vibe is much more business oriented.

And when it's not so business-minded, she's just being a teenager, which probably also explains her lack of political posting prior to the Election Day surprise. This is the first presidential election the reality star has ever been eligible to vote in, being that she just turned 19 this past August.

Will we see her get more political in the future? Her social media patterns dictate that she probably won't, unless she feels compelled to in the moment like she did in this instance. But never say never.

Image: King Kylie/Snapchat