Anne Hathaway Has The Most Liked Celeb Instagram On Election Day Despite How Ridiculously Simple It Is — PHOTO

While the results for the presidential race are still being tallied, Anne Hathaway won the Election Day post game in the eyes of Instagram users. Hathaway's #ElectionDay post has racked up 341,000 likes so far, making it by far the most liked election photo on the site. Even though Hathaway's photo is a simple one, the actor is oozing swagger and sporting her "I voted" sticker with pride.

Hathaway's caption reads: "Today is #ElectionDay! Have you made your voice heard yet? Check the link in my bio to find out where to vote 🇺🇸." As cool as the photo is, Hathaway deserves just as many props for her second Election Day photo declaring her support for Hillary Clinton, even if that one got a few less likes. Her #Imwithher post is an eloquent declaration of her support for the candidate full of candid quotes, ending with Hathaway urging everyone to vote like it matters. By separating her two Election Day posts, Hathaway made the perfect statement about democracy. In her most liked post, it is all about urging people to vote with no agenda, while her second post is a revealing look at Hathaway's own politics.

In the past, Hathaway has been a divisive celebrity for many, but the talented Oscar winner is a vocal advocate for women, frequently speaking out against ageism, gendered interview questions about women's bodies, and more. The star has been more open in 2016 than ever before about her beliefs, from her flawless rap battle to her unapologetic ode to Clinton. If any celeb deserved to win the #ElectionDay photo game, it is definitely the former Princess of Genovia.

Seriously, could she look any cooler? Aviator glasses, a motorcycle jacket, and a sticker showing her support for democracy — that is how an Election Day selfie is done, people. After you finish basking in Hathaway's Instagram slaying photo, check out her less liked, but amazing declaration of support for Clinton. No one can say the star's Election Day game was not on point in 2016.

Is it too soon to hope the #Imwithher hashtag can stay alive for awesome feminist women like Hathaway too? No matter who wins the election, knowing so many influential celebrities like Hathaway spoke out for democracy is encouraging. The actor's posts are a reminder that doing your civic duty is cool and important.