Ariana Grande's Hillary Clinton "Dangerous Woman" Shirt Shows Where Her Allegiance Lies This Election Season

This election has proven to bring so many incredible fashion moments. I mean, Nasty Woman t-shirts were being sold online, Katy Perry wore an incredible robe to cast her vote and Rihanna wore the coolest tee I’ve ever seen in support of Hillary Clinton. Now, one more singer joins the list of best dressed celebs. Ariana Grande’s "Dangerous Woman" sweatshirt has been given a political upgrade, and it will truly bring a smile to your face.

People have not been shy about voicing their opinions and/or concerns throughout this election process. And now that the votes are being counted (slowly, but surely) people are anxiously awaiting to see what the end results will be. But, in the midst of all this stress, this very pro-“I’m With Her” sentiment will bring a smile to your face.

Grande gave the Dangerous Woman sweatshirt from her tour merch an upgrade when she photoshopped Clinton’s face behind the mask. So, imagine Clinton with a Grande-style ponytail and cute little bunny ears. It’s a good look for her, honestly. The sweatshirt reads “Hillary Clinton, Dangerous Woman.” She’s been called a lot of things throughout this election, but she’s still very much a dangerous woman who posing a threat to Donald Trump. This election’s not over yet!

This is even greater than those Clinton/Janet Jackson mash-ups.

Clinton's got an incredible crowd of celebs backing her.

And they're not afraid to show it!

So, if you support Clinton and Grande, then this is yet another fashion moment you're going to remember fondly from this election.