An Expert Explains The Best Piercings For Big Ears

As someone with an un-pierced bod, I had never contemplated the idea that some body mods may be better for different sized body parts. If you're someone who has lovely, large ears, you might be wondering what the best piercings for big ears are, or in fact, if size really matters when it comes to ear jewelry.

The sad thing is, like most things in life, if you stick out from the "norm," in any way — be it your physical appearance, personality, or basically anything — you can get bullied for it. At the end of the day, though, we're all different and if that means your ears are larger than any of your friends', who cares? Instead of trying to fit into the cookie cutter aesthetic Western society and the media has fashioned for humans, embrace your beautiful body the way it is. You only get one life, so don't waste it worrying you don't look like Kylie Jenner or [insert favorite celebrity here].

With this in mind, I spoke to TJ Cantwell owner of Studio 28, a tattoo and body piercing parlor in NYC, about the best piercings for big ears.

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"Everyone has different structure and anatomy to their ears and there are so many options and ideas that can be done that is specific to each person." Cantwell tells me over email.

According to Cantwell, folks with larger ears have much more scope for creativity when it comes to pierced ears. He says, "Someone that has a larger ear will have a lot of options for unique placements and formations that a smaller sized ear would not have. That is where the uniqueness would come into play."


"In the end it is all about how creative you and your piercer want to get with it." Cantwell explains, "Putting together different piercings in shapes or patterns, and compliment that with some really beautiful pieces of jewelry and color combinations, would give the best options when working with a space larger than a typical ear."

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"Again, everyone is different and no two ears are the same, so it is always the most fun to go in and plan something together with your piercer." Says Cantwell. When it comes to ear size, it appears bigger is better in the body mod world: Those with bigger ears have the potential for more choice, more creative freedom, and of course, a larger canvas to work with and adorn in gorgeous jewelry options.

So go against the grain and quit hiding your awesome big ears — embellish them and show them off proudly, because they make you who you are!