11 'Hamilton' Lyrics To Uplift, Inspire, & Invigorate You If You're Feeling Down About This Political Climate

Throughout the utter, soul-crushing dismalness of the 2016 election, or the utter, soul-crushing dismalness of 2016 in general, there’s been one voice calming our nerves. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has been a powerful force in the election season, both as a celebrity figure and a strong proponent of love and justice. So with the bitter conclusion of Donald Trump defeating Hillary Clinton, it is important that we turn to Miranda's Twitter account — and a slew of inspiring Hamilton lyrics — to calm us down.

I mean, maybe it’s just me, but the Broadway soundtrack of a musical that follows our forefathers seems very American, and Hamilton is so great because it definitely reflects some of the political turmoil we’re in right now. Some of it worked out better in that play, because we’re no longer a colony under British rule, but you know, the point is, Hamilton and Miranda both have brought this country together. So we need that more than ever, now that we’re falling apart at the seams (but it’s low-key).

As Miranda tweeted on Wednesday morning, “But the sun is up and the world still spins.” We’ll be OK. But until we’re OK, take some of these Hamilton lyrics to lean on.

1. "And There’s A Million Things I Haven’t Done / But Just You Wait, Just You Wait"


We are all still have a lot of life left, and we could all still be proactive enough to fix this nation, even in small ways.

2. "I'm Just Like My Country / I'm Young, Scrappy, And Hungry / And I'm Not Throwing Away My Shot"


America, in the grand scheme of things, is still a lot more nascent than other countries, and it's still malleable for a lot of change if you work for it.

3. "I May Not Live To See Our Glory / But I Will Gladly Join The Fight"


I mean, I hope you live to see glory, but the message here is that sometimes you have to really think about the changes you're making for the future, even if you don't have immediately gratifying results.

4. "Raise A Glass To Freedom / Something They Can Never Take Away"


Actually, we've been raising a lot of glasses to cope with this, so what's one more? Cheers.

5. "Look Around, Look Around / At How Lucky We Are To Be Alive Right Now"


LOL, nobody is thinking that right now. (Or at least not anyone I know.) However, history is happening in Manhattan (the greatest city in the world), but I guess that doesn't apply for those of you in, like, Kansas or whatever.

6. "Oceans Rise, Empires Fall / We Have Seen Each Other Through It All"


King George sings this, so I guess context ruins the sentiment a bit, but um ... life goes on?

7. "Love Doesn't Discriminate / Between The Sinners And The Saints / It Takes And It Takes And It Takes / And We Keep Loving Anyway"


Because you're feeling a lot of feelings after your brother voted Trump and your mom said she was "still undecided" before she left for the polls.

8. "Look At Where You Are / Look At Where You Started / The Fact That You’re Alive Is A Miracle / Just Stay Alive, That Would Be Enough"


This is a constant mantra.

9. "I Will Not Equivocate On My Opinion / I Have Always Worn It On My Sleeve"


Or your Facebook status.

10. "America, You Great Unfinished Symphony, You Sent For Me / You Let Me Make A Difference / A Place Where Even Orphan Immigrants / Can Leave Their Fingerprints And Rise Up"


Ugh, I just ... oh my god, I'm sorry, I'm trying not to cry typing this. There is hope for everyone in this country, there really is, we just have to not let our nation's figurehead suppress our rights.

11. "And When My Time Is Up / Have I Done Enough? / Will They Tell My Story?"


Ask this of yourself and then sing out how you really feel, kids. Don't give up your shot.

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