7 Things All People With Curly Hair Know To Be Truths — VIDEO

It's a pretty cool time to be a curly haired person. After years of feeling like it was mandatory to subject our strands to straightening irons and treatments, our natural texture has largely become something to be embraced. There are salons just for curly hair. The benefits of co-washing on curly hair are becoming so widely known that some straight haired-beauties are trying to copy us for once. And while type 2A waves are wildly different from type 4C coils, there are certain truths that everyone with a curly texture knows to be true.

Pretty much everyone with curly hair has likely had a stranger ask to run their stranger fingers through your hair... or not ask, and just do it. Pretty much everyone with curly hair has experienced finding a stray crumb, candy wrapper, or small bird nesting somewhere among your ringlets (just kidding on that last one — but you know what I mean). There are plenty of daily struggles that come along with curly hair, but there are even more cool things that only curly haired girls get to experience. Below, we run through just a handful of the things that every person with wavy, curly, or kinky hair know to be true.

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Hair & Makeup: Casey Warren using Laura Mercier