19 Reasons Your Curly Hair Is Totally Awesome

by Melodi Erdogan

To all my fellow curly-haired gals out there: It's finally time to accept the fact that your naturally curly hair is awesome. Even though we live in a world where sleek, blown-out waves and pin-straight styles tend to reign as the top hair looks, there are so many reasons to love a naturally curly 'do. Whether your ringlets are loose, tame, or wild, why not rock them with confidence and style?

I'll be the first to admit that I didn't always love my wildly prone-to-frizz curls. Back in grade school, I envied my classmates' hair in all their straight, sleek, and shiny glory. My mousy brown mane never really got along with straighteners, and it absolutely loved getting big. To younger Melodi, that wasn't exactly a great combination. But after many years of trying to change my hair, I finally gave up. My failure at achieving middle-school-cool locks led me to accepting my curls and all their crazy qualities. I grew to feel comfortable leaving the house without treating my strands. I became confident when rocking a natural look. And I began to discover the many great benefits to having curly hair that I had never realized before.

So if you have curly hair, this one's for you. Here are 19 reasons that prove your curly hair is actually pretty great. Cancel that "hair relaxing" appointment, store your hair straightener, and embrace your Q's for what they are.

1. Bed Head Is Easy To Achieve

My favorite curly hairstyle results from going to bed with my hair wet and waking up with wild, crazy, yet super cool curls. There's no need for fancy tools or hair products when you want a truly effortless bed head look.

2. You Can't Tell When It's Dirty

From my experience, curls not only look good, but they also disguise your dirty hair even when it's past due for a wash. No complaints here!

3. You Don't Have To Mess With A Curling Iron

When you have curly hair, the last thing you need is a curling iron.

4. Or Hot Rollers

Yeah, you don't need hot rollers, either.

5. Or Even A Blow Dryer

Ain't nobody got time for a blow dryer. Just scrunch some curling foam into your locks and let those strands air dry. You'll be ready to go within minutes.

6. Weather Isn't That Big Of A Problem

Curly hair can be relentless when it comes to being shaped into new styles, which is certainly a benefit in less than perfect climate. Come rain, wind, or snow, your curls will stay curled.

7. It Always Looks Like You Put In Effort

Curly hair always looks like it requires a lot of effort. Don't feel bad about fooling 'em with your natural curls. Let people think you did your hair, when really it's just your natural look.

8. You Don't Have To Worry About Damaging Your Hair

Since we don't need any heat, treatments, or chemicals to get fabulous hair, our locks are likely to suffer less damage because of it. I'm all for that.

9. Frizz Is Nothing

A little bit of frizz never hurt a curly mane. In fact, sometimes it even makes the look better. So '80s and chic.

10. Your Mane Always Has Tons Of Volume

Who needs dry shampoo or mousse or hairspray or any volume-inducing hair stuff? Not curly-haired gals, that's for sure.

11. And Texture

Curls are basically texture in and of themselves. Volume and texture? What more could you ask for?

12. And Shine

Yep, curly hair has it all.

13. You Don't Have To Purchase Tons Of Hair Products

Beauty is expensive, so saving a couple of bucks on hair products is a definite pro in this life.

14. Up-Dos Are Always Super Easy & Super Chic

Curly hair up-dos are always on point. Throw in some braids, place in a beautiful brooch, or just throw all your curls up into a messy bun. I guarantee that it's going to look gorgeous.

15. Getting Ready Requires Half The Time

All you need is your outfit and some makeup. With curly hair, getting ready is an easy and swift process because your mane is always already done.

16. Your Mane Has Its Own Personality

Some days your curls may look different, but that's a part of rocking the Q's. Frankly, it's kind of fun knowing your hair has a mind of its own. Thanks to your ringlets, you'll never have to live the same day twice.

17. It looks Good At Short, Medium, & Long Lengths

No matter the haircut, curls always look good. Whether you've got a short curly bob or a long mane with loose waves, ringlets are guaranteed to amp the chic factor no matter their length.

18. Curls Stand Out In A Crowd

Getting lost in a crowd is seriously never a problem. Just look out for the curls!

19. Because It's All Yours!

Ultimately, you should love your natural hair because it's your natural hair. Whether it's straight, wavy, or curly, your natural mane is totally and completely unique to you. While it may take some time to come to terms with it because #beautystandards, embracing your very own mane is a beautiful thing.

And if these reasons aren't enough, just take a look in the mirror. You are glorious, so why not embrace every part of that? Even your wild, awesomely curly locks.

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Images: Melodi Erdogan