11 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Objects Only True Fans Hold Dear

You guys, we're getting so, so close to the premiere of the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. The excitement is palpable. The nostalgia is real. Are you ready to revisit the residents of Stars Hollow? Are you ready for the uber-feminism of the Gilmore women to come surging through your screens? I'm quietly wishing time would move more rapidly than any conversation between Rory and Lorelai because if there's one thing I need at this point in 2016, it's the soothing familiarity of the Gilmore women.

While I eagerly await the premiere, I think it would be nice to take a moment to look back on the series and remember what objects — yes, you read that right: objects —we superfans hold nearest and dearest in our hearts. There's seven seasons worth of memories, big surprises, romances, arguments, and coffee to sort through. Do you really think it's easy just to choose a handful of objects? No, sir, it's anything but easy. You could choose Lorelai's intrepid Jeep, which let the Gilmore women run away from their problems or seek out adventure. You could also pick Lorelai's dollhouse, which was one of the few childhood relics Lorelai dearly treasured.

There's a ton to pick out, so who will come out on top?

1. Pop-Tarts


I think it's safe to say that when Pop-Tarts appear, big things are happening. Lorelai keeps them around the house as a treat in times of need. Rory served them to her future friends. They're the feel good food the girls turn to. Even better, they've been popping up in the revival trailers with delightful alacrity. All hail the Pop-Tart.

2. Luke's Hat


It's a comfort to see Luke in his backwards baseball cap, right? He's rarely seen without it and it's so full of memories, he couldn't bear to be parted from it even if he wanted to. Let the guy have his small pleasures, alright?

3. Snow


Snow is serious business if your surname is Gilmore. For Lorelai, it's a cheerful thing, bringing joy and beauty wherever it falls. She had her first kiss in the snow, watched Rory take her first steps in the snow, and even leads to some messy revelations. The snow is an actual bit of cold comfort for Lorelai and that's a beautiful thing.

4. The Chuppah

ggjunkie4life on YouTube

According to Lorelai herself, the chuppah is still standing after all these years. Luke built it for Lorelai's wedding to Max but it ended up being a physical symbol of Luke's eternal love and devotion to the woman of his dreams. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

5. Daisies


Daisies are a big one, at least in my humble opinion. Max gave Lorelai the veritable greenhouse as part of his proposal in Season 1. This act of love and kindness sent a big message to Lorelai and got her to open herself up to the possibility of a happily ever after after many years of being a single mother. While she and Max didn't last (just like the daisies), it's the iconic gesture that left many of us as members of Team Max.

6. Apples

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Any good host knows the centerpiece of any appetizer tray is one singularly glorious apple. First shown when Rory was attempting to make friends with the girls at Chilton, it's reappearance in the trailer has left many of us wondering whether one of the Gilmore women is pregnant. The appearance of the apple has kept our tongues wagging, so what gives? Is it real? Or a red herring?

7. Cornstarch

Rory stole a box of cornstarch from Doose's the day she first kissed Dean. You can't blame her, though: it was a big moment. She lost her head! But just like an umbrella's relationship to Logan (see below), cornstarch has become emblematic of one of Rory's defining romantic moments: her first real kiss that led to her first real boyfriend.

8. Coffee Mugs

If the Gilmore girls were an actual object, they'd be a coffee mug. The love these women have for the delicious beverage is so iconic that it's part of the revival campaign as totem for the women. Woe betide the man who denies the Gilmore girls their morning coffee.

9. The Cabin At The Independence Inn

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Home to one of the most gut-wrenching scenes in Season 1, the revelation that the groundskeeper's cottage at the Independence Inn was Lorelai and Rory's first home is a very symbolic and special object. Just watch the scene above and you'll see what it's such an important object to fans.

10. The Stars Hollow Gazebo


Practically the hub upon which the wheel of Star Hollow life turns, the gazebo is iconic. There's a sweet moment in the revival trailer when Rory and Lorelai reunite under the gazebo after Rory's return. The wheel once again appears to spin back to the beginning in the revival but in the series, it bore witness to so many big events that it's specialness was cemented instantly.

11. Umbrellas

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Cue all the bittersweet tears. Logan's ability to convince Rory to take a leap of faith was so perfect and emblematic of their relationship. I'll never look at an umbrella quite the same way again.

Is it time to return to Stars Hollow yet? I am so ready.

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