How Much Is House of Lashes' Tinker Bell Lash Case? It's Super Affordable

Remember when House Of Lashes created their Tinker Bell line? The company added a few more items to the online collection, and you're definitely going to want to add them to your beauty bag. You'll now be ably to apply, hold, and wear your lashes all while showing your Disney pride. If you're wondering how much the House Of Lashes Tinker Bell Lash Case costs, let's just say that you'll be happily surprised by the price tag.

Just when you thought the Disney-inspired items were over, House Of Lashes makes the line even better than before. As if the three different Tinker Bell lash styles weren't already enough, you can now have a case to carry them in. The gorgeous little on-the-go holder can carry three pairs at a time. That's not all though. The bottom of the case opens up so you can carry all the tools you need for application as well.

The Tinker Bell Lash Case is available for $18 on the House Of Lashes site. That's not much more than the company's other product carriers. Whether you're looking to give this as a gift along with the lashes or just stock up yourself, you really can't go wrong.

Tinker Bell Lash Case, $18,

Not to mention how adorable the design is. The case is a gorgeous powder blue color with the characters face on the front. There will be no mistaking which collection it's from. That's not the only product they added to the line either. Now there's a Tinker Bell Lash Glue as well. The lash adhesive is $10, and unfortunately you have to buy the two separately.

Disney Tinker Bell Lash Adhesive, $10,

The glue is latex-free, has vitamin e in it, and dries clear. Basically, it's just like the company's original formula, but in a trendy little tube. If this isn't the perfect gift for the Disney and makeup lover in your life, then I don't know what is.

Tinker Bell Lash Case, $18,

The only downfall is this collection will only be around for a limited-time. So what are you waiting for? Go stock up before they're gone!

Images: House of Lashes (3)