The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Stocking Is A Mystery

It's a holiday mystery. On Monday, Nov. 14, Kylie Cosmetics teased its holiday stocking, with brand founder Kylie Jenner telling her customers that the contents will be revealed in two days, which would mean Wednesday, Nov. 16. The exact date and time are TBD as of press time. She joked to fans that they aren't "ready" for what she is about to share. OMG! So, what's inside the Kylie Cosmetics holiday stocking, which is all white and fuzzy?

Well, we don't know concrete details... yet! We don't even know if the white stocking itself is part of the brand's holiday offerings or if it will house a holiday bundle. It could very well be the actual holiday packaging. Or not. Fans are certainly speculating about what's inside.

The teen makeup mogul simply Snapchatted and Instagrammed the stocking, with the products tucked safely inside. I carefully reviewed the Snapchat video for clues and think I found a few hints about what to expect when Jenner reveals the contents of the stocking.

It's very likely her holiday collection. She has been offering up a variety of holiday surprises, from her free shipping promotion for domestic orders over $40 through the holidays to her first collaboration, which is the Koko Kollection. The three matte x one gloss set was co-designed by her big sis Khloe Kardashian.

Let's observe the stocking and then analyze the clues.

What a fluffy white stocking! Notice the iconic Kylie Cosmetics dripping lips logo is coated with white lipstick, representing the snowy season. Or perhaps it nods to a white-hued Lip Kit? You never know.

Here is the stocking, which has a little poufy keychain component on the side. Is the dawn of the Kylie Cosmetics accessories era upon us?

See the box peeking out of the top? Is that silver holiday packaging? It looks like it to my eyes.

There's a "K" zipper pull. Her Kylie Cosmetics black makeup bag, which was part of the limited edition Birthday Collection, had that same "K." Is that a silver lame makeup bag I spy? Again, IDK. I am just considering past Kylie Cosmetics pieces and what I see here. There's more silver packaging, which makes sense, since silver is such a festive, holiday-appropriate color.

Here is one more full look at the stocking. I want to tear into that thing.

This customer thinks the stocking may contain wintry, frosty makeup hues. That's a distinct possibility.

This fan thinks Jenner may finally release her long-gestating Kylie Cosmetics iPhone cases or other accessories. That dangling "K" charm could be an indicator of such.

These are all good guesses, but we have to wait for the big reveal. It's coming soon.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Kylie Jenner Snapchat (4)