15 Over The Knee Boots For Plus Size Thighs

Sometimes, it feels impossible shopping with a body that isn't always catered to in the mainstream — let alone over the knee boots shopping for legs that aren't entirely straight or slim. That said, with a little extra time, patience and internet searching, there are over the knee boots for big thighs that will fit and look good.

Whether or not they are within your price range depends entirely on how much you're willing to invest into this look, but really, no shoes on this list are outside of what you'd expect to pay for a regular pair of shoes. Plus a good pair of boots is a total investment, and for a statement boot that covers the majority of your leg, comfort is definitely key. This style of boot basically functions as pants, and while a heel or flat might be OK if it's just a bit too tight, over the knee boots require the perfect fit, lest your circulation start to suffer.

So check out this list, find your favorite pair (or pairs) and get planning all the killer outfits you're going to rock with your new pair of over the knee boots. You and your big, beautiful thighs deserve it.

1. Blue Suede Boots

Blue Suede Boots, $18, Ashley Stewart

Perfect for the plus size fashionista who also loves to pay homage to Elvis Presley with her style choices.

2. Cognac Suede Boots

Cognac Colored Suede Boots, $40, Rue 21

Imagine wearing this cognac colored boots while sipping a glass of cognac — pretty badass, isn't it?

3. Buckle Strap Boots

Buckle Strap Boots, $73, Torrid

The classic over the knee boot with a little buckle detail for those who love just a touch of shine.

4. Fringe Boots

Fringe Boots, $125, Simply Be

Just imagine these bad boys moving with every step you take.

5. Chestnut Boots

Chestnut Boots, $75, Simply Be

A bright, bold boot for a bright kind of soul.

6. White Boots

White Boots, $22, Ashley Stewart

Pretend you're in a White Snake video in these statement boots.

7. Lace Up Boots

Lace Up Boots, $60, Torrid

It's starting to look doubtful that the lace up trend will ever leave us, so invest in some shoes to match.

8. Backwards Lace Up Boots

Lace Up Boots, $160, Eloquii

Or if the front facing lace up motif is a little too much for your style, rock the trend on the back of your legs instead.

9. Lattice Effect Boots

Lattice Effect Boots, $19, Ashley Stewart

Why waste that wax you spent so much money on when you can wear boots and show it off at the same time?

10. Braided Boots

Braided Boots, $68, Torrid

If subtle details are more your thing, these are the boots for you.

11. Gray Suede Boots

Gray Suede Boots, $79, Asos

A monotone shade for anyone who's totally over all black everything but not quite ready to embrace color yet.

12. Colorblock Boots

Colorblock Boots, $22, Ashley Stewart

Complete any monochrome look with these colorblocked boots that make a statement.

13. Patent Boots

Patent Boots, $68, Simply Be

A shiny boot that's perfect for a strong day look or a fancier night look.

14. Cut Out Boots

Cut Out Boots, $18, Ashley Stewart

Available in black, blue or rust — but why not invest in all three?

15. Bordeaux Boots

Bordeaux Boots, $40, Eloquii

A classic style of over the knee boot with a color that will perfectly match that wine you're drinking.

Whether you're looking for something for everyday wear or a special kind of shoe that will lift up any look, there's a boot on here for it. Buy your favorite pair and get ready, these boots ensure a comfortable fit and are made for walking.

Images: margieplus/Instagram; Courtesy Brands