When You Find The Perfect Page-Turner...

When I’m in a reading slump, I fix it by reading a thriller. Something about the fast pace of a page-turner always snaps me back from the slump, from YA thrillers to page-turner novels, and most of my reading all-nighters are the result of whodunits. I just can’t resist a great mystery: I HAVE to know what happens in the end. And I have to find out as quickly as possible.

Thriller movies are great (especially ones based on books, such as Gone Girl and Girl on the Train), but the awesome thing about reading thrillers as opposed to watching them is that you can set your own pace. My pace for reading thrillers is the “read as fast as you can because you need to know the answers to all the mysteries immediately.”

If you love thrillers, you know what I’m talking about. While some books are meant to be savored, others are meant to keep you up long after you should have dozed off. Some books are meant to be re-read again and again with thorough analysis, while thrillers are often about the excitement of that first read. Here are a few things that happen when you discover that perfect page turner (and subsequently sit in one place until you finish it).

You Clear Your Schedule

Once you start a page-turner, you just can't stop reading. Whatever was on your schedule before you opened the cover immediately gets cleared: this is what you're doing with your day now. This is what you're doing with your night. It's full steam ahead.

You Curl Up In One Spot To Read

You stay in one position on your couch until the sun sets. Actually, you didn't even notice that the sun WAS setting until you realized that you couldn't see the pages any more and needed to turn on another light. You look up for a few seconds, wondering where the time went, and then go right back to reading.

You Try To Predict The Ending

You have so many predictions. You think you know who did it, but just when it looks as if you predicted the ending, another twist throws you off.

You Pull An All-Nighter To Finish Reading

There comes a certain point in every reader's night when they face the decision: go to sleep, or stay up all night to finish reading? I always choose the latter. No regrets.

... And You Have A Book Hangover The Next Morning

Of course, not only will you be exhausted the next morning after finishing the book, you also have a book hangover because you didn't really want it to end. What do you do now? What do you read now?

You Check To See If The Book Will Become A Movie

Since you've finished the book, and now you're suffering from a literary hangover, you start doing some research. When will the book become a movie, so you can experience the story all over again? Also, you have a lot of opinions about casting.

You Ask Everyone You Know If They've Read The Book Yet

The best thing to do after reading a book is to talk about it, so naturally you ask everyone you know if they've read the amazing page-turner you just finished.

And If Not, You Constantly Recommend It

If people have not read the book in question, you highly recommend it. If you have a copy, you loan it out to everyone you can and badger them until they finish it. They'll thank you for it later.

You Start Your Search For The Next Page-Turner

Finally, you look ahead to the future and begin searching for the next great page-turner. It may be difficult to find, but once you do, you know you'll start the whole cycle all over again.

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