Amazing Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving

by Sadie Trombetta

When it comes to preparing a holiday meal, things can feel kind of stressful. From making sure the meat is cooked through (but not dried out!) to ensuring everyone's favorite side dish makes it to the table, there's a lot at stake. If you're responsible for cooking this year's feast, take a little work off of your plate by trusting these simple, yet amazing stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving.

Everyone has a favorite traditional Thanksgiving dish — aka, one they look forward to all year long. Some people crave the canned cranberry jelly, while others dream of delicious drumsticks. But, for me, Turkey Day is actually all about the stuffing. Whether it's made from scratch or mixed together from a box, baked in the turkey or stirred together on the stove top, stuffing will always be my favorite side dish at any Thanksgiving feast. Warm, soft, and perfectly designed for sopping up gravy, its better than any vegetable, starch, or starter the holiday has to offer. Without heaps of stuffing — and leftovers for amazing leftover sandwiches the next day — Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving.

Luckily for the cooks responsible for putting the whole meal together, it's one of the easiest sides to make and there are a million different ways to do it. You can find stuffing recipes that begin with bread making (for the seriously skilled, of course), or some that involve little more effort than stirring ingredients together on the stove. No matter what your culinary prowess, your dietary restrictions, or your taste preferences, there's a perfect stuffing recipe out there for you.

Spend less time worrying about the side dishes and more time tending to the turkey this year by trying one of these amazing stuffing recipes. Just make sure you make plenty of it, because everyone knows it's is the best side.

1. Classic Sage And Onion Stuffing

You can't go wrong with the classics when it comes to holiday cooking. Fill your bird up (literally! I mean the turkey!) with The Kitchn's delicious and aromatic sage and onion stuffing, and rest assured everyone around the table will appreciate the familiar flavors of the dish.

2. Cranberry Walnut Stuffing

For a stuffing with a little crunch and a burst of tartness, go with Foodie Crush's cranberry walnut stuffing. It's a hearty, flavorful, and not to mention beautiful addition to any feast.

3. Old Fashioned Bread Stuffing

If you're a stickler for traditions, then The Comfort of Cooking's old fashioned bread stuffing is the side dish for you. Loaded with celery, onion, and, if desired, cranberries, this simple to make stuffing brings simplicity back to the holidays.

4. Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Stuffing

The holidays can be hard for people with food allergies, but Whitney Bond's gluten-free sweet potato stuffing makes it a little easier for people with gluten allergies or intolerances. Made with gluten-free bread and plenty of vegetables, it's an allergy-friendly option everyone can enjoy.

5. Eggo Waffle Stuffing

Is your family full of '90s kids and Stranger Things fans? Then you can't go wrong with The Kitchn's Eggo Waffle stuffing, otherwise known as the Thanksgiving side dish of Eleven's dreams. Feeling nostalgic yet?

6. Farro, Butternut Squash, Sausage, And Cherry Stuffing

A unique take on stuffing, Foodie Crush's recipe has everything imaginable in it: savory sausage, sweet cherries, fresh sage and parsley, and nutty farro. For the family that loves flavor, this stuffing is waiting for you to try.

7. Bundt Pan Sausage Stuffing

If you're looking for a new and beautiful way to serve stuffing, look no further than Whitney Bond's bundt pan sausage stuffing. A savory, egg-infused dish, this recipe proves stuffing doesn't just belong in turkeys.

8. Wild Rice, Raisin, And Apple Stuffing

Another great option for gluten-free stuffing, this unique alternative from A Pretty Life may lack bread, but it makes up for it with plenty of apples, raisins, and delicious wild rice.

9. Pancetta And Sage Stuffing Muffins

Change the way your family eats stuffing by serving them up in muffin form this year. A Cozy Kitchen's unique take on the tradition dish packs everything you love about spooned stuffing — the bread, the herbs, the vegetables — and condenses them into a fun new form. The pancetta is the perfect salty finishing touch.

10. Slow Cooker Stuffing

Free up some much-needed space on your stove top by preparing The Kitchn's slow cooker stuffing. A simple to make side that requires just a few dishes and a little patience, this delicious dish will have people heading to the crock-pot for seconds.

11. Apple, Sausage, And Parsnip Stuffing

From the carrots to the celery to the sweet potatoes, there are so many amazing fall vegetables you can add to stuffing to give it a seasonal taste. A Cozy Kitchen's version calls for parsnips, which adds the perfect crunch to this sweet-and-savory stuffing.

12. Sausage, Apple, And Cranberry Stuffing

If your favorite part of stuffing is the tart flavors, you'll love The Comfort of Cooking's recipe, which features not only cranberries, but apples too. Fragrant and fruity, the sweet and sour flavors of the dish are balanced out perfectly by the savory sausage, making it delicious and well-rounded.

Images: The Kitchn (4); Foodie Crush (2); The Comfort of Cooking (2); Whitney Bond (2); A Pretty Life; A Cozy Kitchen (2)