Where's Jess' Leather Jacket In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? It's Sorely Missed

Clearly, prayers to Al's Pancake World were not answered. While we have new gifs and moments for days, Jess' leather jacket was missing in the Gilmore Girls revival. While many things have changed and time has passed in the Netflix series, Jess' jacket was one steady variable that I thought we could count on. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, and it seems that grown-up Jess has a new look — or at least, he forgot to pack his leather jacket for his trip to Stars Hollow this time around.

Let me push back by Gilmore geek glasses and say that technically, both Logan and Dean (and even Christopher) sport leather jackets during their respective runs on Gilmore Girls. However, Jess most represents the look. He's the rebel, with or without a cause. Even Milo Ventimiglia knows how iconic the jacket is to his character. "There’s nothing in particular I’m excited to play," he told TVLine back in February, "other then maybe strap on his leather jacket and pop back in to shake things up."

Alas, he wore different clothes in his revival scenes, and surprisingly, there weren't any meta jokes or references to his former wardrobe staple. While the jacket that he does wear feels very Jess (like a mature updated version of Jess), the original jacket or anything leather-ish was nowhere to be found. As much as I liked the way he supported Rory and showed shades of his former rebellious side by yanking out Luke's wireless router in the revival, that iconic leather jacket will be forever missed. And hey, at least we can take solace in the fact that Jess still carries books around in his back pocket, proving that some things never change.

Image: Saeed Adyani/Netflix