How To Create The Perfect Bushy Eyebrow

The days needle-thin Pamela Anderson brows are over for now (though their spirit lives on in our hearts), and in its place is the I-spend-my-money-on-other-things-than-waxing bushy brow. You can makeup a bushy brow, popularized by the likes of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins, at home, no matter if you've got a naturally furry furrow or you need to fill them out yourself.

Whether you have skinny sparse brows or naturally thick ones, anyone can enjoy the strong trend. All they need is the right tools and a patient makeup hand. Just like you can contour on cheekbones or strobe on a cupids bow, you can create the illusion of thick, messy brows with the help of makeup. And while you might not want a bolder brow everyday, defining and strengthening them from time to time can really help to add some variety to your look and beauty routine. Not only does it help your eyes pop, but it gives off the vibe that you're not afraid to make a statement — or scared to go against the grain.

Whereas most people opt for perfectly sculpted brow lines, it says something if you roll in with a thick, bushy brow look instead. It's chic and playful — and NARS Stylist Sarah Coffin, a makeup artist with nine years of experience, breaks down exactly how to do it.

1. Create Dimension With More Than One Product

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Rather than just reaching for your brow pencil and drawing on a line, Coffin suggests using two or more products to create dimension. "If your natural brow is thin, the best thing you can do is create dimension using two or more brow products," she shares in an email interview with Bustle. "This works even better if the products vary in texture — like using a brow powder with a brow gel." Blending both products will help your brow look more natural and professionally done.

2. Brush Your Hairs Upward

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To create the bushy effect, Coffin recommends brushing your brow hair upwards with a brow gel wand. "Using your tinted brow gel wand, brush the hairs up or in a zag-zag motion. A helpful tool when using a brow gel is a clean disposable mascara wand to comb through afterwards," she shares. combing your brow hair upwards will help you create the illusion of thickness and longer length.

3. Use Pencils Or Pomades To Draw On Strokes

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Rather than filling in your brow with a thick pencil line, Coffin advises to take the time to create small hair-like strokes throughout the brow for a more natural effect. "If you prefer pomades, use a small angle brush and make tiny hair-like strokes throughout your brow. Avoid using too much or you might end up with a slicked down defined brow," she recommends. Soft, quick strokes will do the trick to add some definition and fill out a thinner brow.

4. Use Brow Gels To Make Your Brows Messier

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Rather than slicking on brow gel to keep your hairs neatly in place, move the wand against the grain to create a messier, bushier effect. "Tinted brow gels are God's gift to the bushy brow trend. If they can hold unruly hairs in place then they are capable of doing the complete opposite!" Coffin confirms. The gel will plump up your brows and keep their bushy texture in place.

5. Use Different Colors

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When creating your bushy brow, use more than one color pencil or pomade to create a more natural looking line. "To create texture, sometimes it's helpful to to use two different colors in the brow," Coffin shares. It'll help add definition and keep you from looking like you tattooed a thick line above your eyes.

Next time you feel like changing up your look, try recreating the bushy brow with these tips and tricks. It's fun to try out new trends, even if it is just to hop out and run some errands!

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