13 Best Holiday Hair Tutorials For Every Occasion, From A Family Dinner To A Work Party

As the holidays approach, you're probably starting to panic: Not only do you have a ton of presents to buy, you also still haven't figured out your outfit/hair/makeup for the parties you've promised to attend. Luckily, YouTube has got us all covered with some of the best holiday hair tutorials around. Honestly, all it takes is a quick search on some of your favorite tutorialist's channels — and you'll be able to find pretty much exactly what you're looking for, whether that happens to be a braided headband, a ballerina bun, or a slightly Queen Elsa-esque side braid.

Oh, and bonus? There really is something for everyone — for every hair type and length, not to mention every difficulty level, from pared-down chignons for beginners to involved twisty updos for more advanced hair mavens. There's also different levels of fanciness, depending on just how dressed up you want your hair to look at whatever kind of party you might be heading to, be it an office Christmas party where you want to look professional, or a family gathering where comfort is key.

The bottom line is, as always: You do you, and strut into that holiday party with the glamorous festive hairstyle of your choice. Read on for some of the best looks around!

1. Jaclyn Hill's Old Hollywood Glam

Jaclyn Hill on YouTube

Jaclyn Hill may be known more for her makeup tutorials (and her rad collaborations with Becca Cosmetics), but she's no slouch at hair how-tos, either. This Old Hollywood-inspired look will stun at any holiday party, and the accompanying retro styling is sure to be fun as well.

2. Bebexo's Holiday Half-Up Hairstyle

Bebexo on YouTube

Bebexo's take on the popular braided half-up hairstyle is absolutely perfect for the holidays. It strikes the perfect balance between carefree and polished, and it's sure to look perfect with your favorite crimson party dress. Plus, the braids may have a complex look to them, but they're actually pretty easy to pull off!

3. Alicia James' 3 Simple Elegant Natural Hairstyles

Alicia James on YouTube

All it takes are a few artful braids, twists, and tucks, and you're basically the heroine of your own personal Jane Austen novel. These looks are timeless and elegant, and perhaps most importantly of all, actually fairly easy to replicate.

4. Rachel Talbott's Holiday Hair & Makeup

Destination Beauty on YouTube

This gorgeous look is almost Parisian in its sleek simplicity. Rachel Talbott also happens to have a pretty darn perfect New Year's look, if you're looking to get a head start on NYE as well!

5. Kayley Melissa's 7 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Kayley Melissa on YouTube

The look created for the "Tacky Sweater Party" adorned with tiny silver ribbons might just be the standout of the bunch, and the braid crown is a close second.

6. Luxy Hair's 5 Minute Holiday Waves

Luxy Hair on YouTube

Perfect waves in 5 minutes? That's pretty much the dream. Also, these glam waves are the perfect accessory for your favorite sequined dress.

7. Luhhsettyxo's 3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles

AwesomenessTV on YouTube

These chic holiday looks are all super simple, and they also happen to be majorly festive (especially if your winged liner is as on point as Luhsettyxo's). The sparkly headband/high bun combo look kind of Sugar Plum Fairy-esque, which is always a bonus!

8. Sunnie Brook Jones' Short Holiday Hair

sunnie brook jones on YouTube

Sometimes, when you have short hair, it's easy to feel left out of the whole holiday hair circuit — after all, it's not like you have enough length to pull off the cascading waves, oversized buns, and braid crowns that tend to reign supreme this time of year. Still though, a vintage wavy bob is the perfect way to celebrate — and in fact, there are tons of great holiday looks for short hair out there.

9. Kayley Melissa's 3 Short Hair Holiday Hairstyles

Kayley Melissa on YouTube

Gorgeous, polished, and with some fun variety to shake things up!

10. Jackie Wyers' Holiday Party Hairstyles

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

Each of the three looks Jackie breaks down in this tutorial are equal parts festive and glamorous — and the snowflake hair clip on her deconstructed side braid is especially perfect for the holidays.

11. The Natural Sista's Holiday Hair Updo

My Natural Sistas on YouTube

This look is pretty involved, but if you count yourself a pro at flat twists, the glamorous pompadour'd end result is more than worth the effort.

12. Missy Sue's 3 Holiday Hairstyles

Missy Sue on YouTube

From cascading waves to the tried-and-true headband/bun combo, each of these looks will make you look extra fancy and polished this holiday season.

13. Abby Smith's Simple Holiday Updo

Abby Smith on YouTube

Twisty updos can feel a little to ambitious, even when it comes to parties where you're supposed to dress up. Still though, this video breaks down the look simply, and it'll definitely add some wow-factor to your look.

Holiday party coming up? Ready, set, go!

Image: Kayley Melissa/YouTube