15 "Dating Is Hard Because" Tweets That Are Relatable For Anyone Who Knows The Single Struggle

If there's one thing I've learned from my years of being single, it's that dating takes effort. Gone are the days when you could see a cutie at the sock-hop, ask him or her out for an ice cream soda, and then voila — you're on the fast track to exclusivity. Though I'm sure lots of things about dating sucked back then, too, the fact remains that modern dating has new and difficult challenges that we're all still adjusting to.

Using the hashtag #DatingIsHardBecause, Twitter users are venting their frustrations about dating as a whole, as well as hashing out their own personal struggles with being single. We live in a time when people all over the world are more connected than ever, and dating apps make it easy to meet potential partners no matter where you live. The downside? Being overwhelmed with options can cause us to ignore our matches, or else avoid commitment because we assume we might find 'something better.' Although it's true that dating apps have some negative qualities, it's unfair to ignore the positive benefits of using dating apps to find love (like not having to leave the comfort of your bed to talk to a hottie).

For what it's worth, I can personally attest that yes, dating can be a struggle at times. There's nothing wrong with having a love/hate relationship with your singlehood — whether you're actively dating or not. But for anyone who's flying solo and currently hating it, don't worry — things will get better. Until then, you have these 15 tweets to prove you're not the only one out there experiencing relationship woes.

1. Starting Off On A ~Real~ Note

2. *Sobs Gently*

3. Yeah, Pretty Much

4. It's Hard Out Here For A Potato

5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

6. Oh, You Have To Go Outside For 'Dating'?

7. *Slow Claps*

8. This Part Is Pretty Difficult

9. Collective Self-Awareness Is Key

10. What Does 'Talking' Even Mean?!

11. Actually, Everything Is Hard

12. Let's Stop Comparing Our Relationships, Okay?

13. Idea: Dates Should Be Free

14. Hashbrowns > Everything

15. Morbid, But Something To Consider

If any of these tweets hit a little too close to home and you realize you're unhappy with your romantic situation, think about what you can do to improve your dating life. Maybe you need to get out of your dating comfort zone, re-evaulate your current relationship, or take a break from dating altogether. No matter your situation, know that the power to have a fulfilling, fun dating life is in your hands — and no one else's.

Image: Unsplash