This Thanksgiving Dinner Doughnut From PV Donuts Packs Your Holiday Feast Into One Delicious Pastry

There's nothing quite like Thanksgiving dinner, but the logistics of it can sometimes be overwhelming. How do I consume all this food? Do I have the third slice of pumpkin pie I want? Is gravy a beverage? One shop cut to the chase and made the whole thing super simple — by creating a . Technically called , this bakery creation is the brainchild of in collaboration with a in Providence, Rhode Island. It kills two birds with one stone by putting all of on top of your dessert. How convenient!

The unique treat consists of a brioche doughnut (um... yum?) topped with cranberry glaze, pieces of fried chicken (which apparently, ), mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy. These babies are available for a limited time only, though — and with the holiday itself occurring on Thursday, the last day you can get them is Wednesday, Nov. 23 (that's today, people).

Just look at these beauties — are you salivating?

If you had any doubts about the rest assured that the internet has gone bonkers for it, with mentions in , , , and . As if that wasn't enough, check out this line:

That's dedication. I would pick up a few if I could, just to cover my own behind when I undoubtedly tomorrow.

(pictured right) tells Bustle in an email, "[Providence] might be a small city, but we're fortunate enough to have an incredibly vibrant food scene here," adding that a collaboration with a well-known Providence restaurant was the . And it's been popular, too: "It's been a huge hit so far. Sold out two days in a row within about 45 minutes," says Kettelle.

People dip their fries in chocolate milkshakes. They drizzle ranch dressing on their pizza. Was a that far behind? Indeed not. If you're feeling extra adventurous this holiday (or if you just want a back-up plan, like me), PV Donuts is the place to be.

Images: Courtesy of PV Donuts