17 Marissa Cooper Quotes That Are You When You're Being Dramatic

Despite leaving The O.C. in 2006 at the end of Season 3, Marissa Cooper has remained one of pop culture's most iconic characters. Played by Mischa Barton, Marissa is a complex, frustrating, totally beautiful, and completely surprising character, whose friendship with Summer Roberts is all kinds of goals. Marissa's relationship with Ryan Atwood makes The O.C. compulsive viewing, and even when the couple are broken up or fighting, their chemistry is magnetic. Which is why Barton's character is the perfect person to turn to when you need a sly retort, or a sarcastic reply. Here are some of the most amazing Marissa Cooper quotes that are totally you when you're being dramatic. Which is always, amiright?

While Marissa has been called a drama queen more than once, her sultry expressions, and inability to cope with real life, somehow make her super endearing. The O.C. aired its finale at the end of Season 4, leading critics to speculate that Barton's presence was missed. Clearly, viewers never really got over the loss of Marissa Cooper, so thank goodness she can live on forever in quote form. Whether you love her or hate her, it's indisputable that Marissa is important, and that you probably had a lot more in common with her than you initially thought.

And luckily, her memory lives on in these super useful quotes:

1. When You Really Don't Want To Go To That Party


Holidays are all about distant family members asking inappropriate questions that they already know the answers to. Take a leaf out of Marissa's book and just don't go.

2. When You Can't Read The Map On Your Phone


Map reading is a lost art.

3. When You Ate All The Pie But You Really Don't Care


Some mistakes are worth making.

4. When You're Crying In Public (Again)


Crying is good for you, right?

5. When Your Date Arrives A Minute After You Agreed


Deal breaker.

6. When You're Hungover, But It's The Weekend


If you get invited out later, you definitely won't go. Or maybe just for one drink?

7. When You're Feeling On Fleek & Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong


The next song could be "Hotline Bling," but it could also be "Shout Out To My Ex."

8. When You've Been Facebook Friends For A Week So You're Basically Dating


When you know, you know.

9. When A Stranger Bumps Into You On The Street


Personal space is an important issue. Please respect it.

10. When Your Friend Can't Decide — Pizza Or Chinese Food?


Some friends need more support than others.

11. When Your Favorite Singer Threatens Retirement Again


Adele can have another baby if she likes, but what am I meant to do until she comes back?

12. When You Find A New Favorite Singer Instead


Sometimes, you just have to move on.

13. When Your Ex-Favorite Singer Comes Out Of Retirement

There's no going back.

14. When No One Asked But They Need To Know


Some things need to be shared with an audience.

15. When You Spend Five Minutes Without Your Phone

Never leave me.

16. When Your Gilmore Girls Marathon Gets A Little Intense

No one can blame you. You have nothing to be sorry for.

17. When Your Friend Predicts What Happens In The Gilmore Girls Finale Before You

No spoilers.

Marissa Cooper will live on in our hearts and in our DVD box sets.

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