11 Ways To Add More 90s Looks To Your Holiday Outfits

Now that we're officially in the holiday season, there are going to be a ton of parties in our horizon. But instead of showing up like the rest of the guests, stand out by adding '90s trends to your holiday outfits. From Clueless to Pretty Woman to 10 Things I Hate About You, there's a lot of sartorial goodness to pull from. While it's expected to come into someone's holiday shindig decked out in sequins and sparkles, metallics, and some sort of red or green color scheme, you can try something new by veering it into a '90s direction.

If you're at a loss where to start, think of your mom when you were a kid and she was dressing up for New Year's Eve. Chances are she put on heavy necklaces, huge belts, boxy heels, and a whole lot of sequins. Channel that level of kitschy glamour and pay homage with your own outfit. From statement making baubles and earrings to attention grabbing belts, there's a lot to work with. To get your creativity going, below are 11 ways to add more '90s trends to your holiday outfits. Whether you choose to go subtle with a skinny scarf or bold with a statement clutch is up to you!

1. Velvet Skinny Scarf

Long Velvet Scarf, $11, Zara

Channel your favorite '90s celebrities at the Oscars and rock a skinny scarf wrapped around your neck with your holiday dress.

2. Long Gem Earrings

Long Gem Earrings, $14, Zara

Copy your mom's New Years look when she was your age by busting out the long gemstone earrings. Bonus points if they skim your shoulders!

3. Geometric Belts

Metal Buckle Belt, $26, MANGO

Right before the millennium belts came about as big as shoulder pads in the '80s. Copy that bold look by cinching your party dress with a loud, geometric belt.

4. Chic Fanny Pack

Small Leather Bag, $25, Zara

Open up both hands for flutes of champagne by ditching the clutch and going with a fanny pack instead.

5. Bold Bangles

Semiprecious Stone Hand Chain, $50, MANGO

Jewelry wasn't quiet in that era, so amp up your arm candy with thick bangles and bulky baubles and stones.

6. Adorned Buckles

Skinny Metal Belt, $26, MANGO

If you go to the thrift store now and dig through a box of '90s belts, you'll notice that the decade loved its kitsch. Rather than keeping it basic, fashion loved to include buckles with decorative images. So jazz up your holiday outfit with some stars, animal faces, and seashells yourself!

7. Circle Hoop Choker

Pack of Black Chokers, $16, Zara

Get bold with your choker choices and make a statement. Rather than opting for a simple velvet one, grab the one with a circle hoop down the middle, channeling a Pretty Woman type of look, just holiday party oriented.

8. Beaded Evening Bag

Beaded Bucket Bag, $35, Zara

The '90s were all about the tiny beaded evening bags, so bring some of that flair into your outfit with this elaborate version. It has everything you need: Beaded fringe, tassels, and velvet!

9. Kitschy Earrings

Metal Pendent Earings, $26, MANGO

Swap out the minimalist studs you were contemplating wearing for dangly baubles instead. These caged drops look like something straight out of your mother's jewelry box when you were a kid.

10. Sphere Evening Bag

ASOS Cage Sphere Clutch Bag, $38, ASOS

Rather than minimalist clutches, the '90s were known for their bucket, sphere, and pill-sized evening bags. Bring that trend back with this caged purse — it'll definitely add interest to your NYE's look.

11. Velvet Turban

Velvet Turban Hairband, $11, Zara

This velvet turban headband is just aching for a frizzy Meg Ryan perm and over-sized blazer. Add some '90s romcom flair to your holiday look with this fun velvet hair accessory.

These accessories will get you started in your quest to be more '90s — have fun with it and get creative this holiday season!

Images: Zara (6); Mango (4); ASOS (1)