Millie Bobby Brown Makes "Hello" Parodies Cool Again With Her Starbucks Serenade — VIDEO

If you thought "Hello" parodies were played out, then you underestimated the powers of Eleven once again. Stranger Things breakout star Millie Bobby Brown placed her Starbucks order in the style of Adele singing "Hello" and it was perfect, even if the drive-thru worker wasn't amused. "Can I have a Venti latte / And a caramel Frappuccino? / Oh, please!" Brown sang while leaning over her dad. When her Starbucks power ballad went so shamefully unappreciated, Brown disappeared to the backseat while her dad picked up their coffees. Still, she kept the Adele love going with a perfectly timed, "Hello from the Upside Down," proving once and for all that she is a total international treasure.

"Hello" parodies were all the rage in 2015 when the song was topping the charts, and Brown may have just started the trend all over again. Either that or kids everywhere are going to be singing their fast food orders like they are the precocious stars of real-life musicals. Let it be known Brown did it first, and I am not sure anyone is going to be able to top her Starbucks/Adele mashup.

Seriously though, the best part of the video isn't Brown's incredible vocal stylings, it is the sweetness of her interaction with her dad. It is nice to see despite her fame, Brown is still a kid at heart who loves being goofy and joking around with her dad while they grab coffees together. When she slips on her shades in protest of the adults totally not getting her random Adele brilliance, she is pure pre-teen and it is beyond adorable. Hey, just because the Starbucks server did not seem to appreciate Brown's talents doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't. Nobody puts Brown in a corner, Starbucks.

I would attempt to rank Brown's Starbucks order in the grand scheme of amazing things she has done in 2016, but it is impossible. Whether she is rocking out at the Emmys, breaking hearts onscreen, or being a typical (albeit even more creative) kid with her social media videos, Brown has owned 2016 in the best way possible. Given her killer vocal skills, I have to ask, can someone please cast this girl in a musical already? She raps, she does power ballads, and she can move things with her brain — Brown should not be left with no one to serenade but the Demogorgon, because I can't imagine Eleven breaking into song in Season 2.

Someone page Adele, she needs to say "hello" to Brown and start working on a collab immediately. I mean, Brown already has the perfect audition tape, right?