How You Stayed Warm During Winter In The '90s

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We all had different experiences in the '90s, but some aspects of childhood and adolescence seem to ring true for many of us. If you grew up somewhere with cold winters, for example, remembering all the ways we tried to stay warm in the winter in the '90s is definitely a universal recollection. There doesn't need to be snow on the ground to wear your favorite coordinating hat, gloves, and scarf combo, right? And let's be real: Hot chocolate tastes delicious even without a wind chill cold enough to turn your nose red. Bonus points for marshmallows.

When we think about the creative ways we kept ourselves warm in the '90s, many won't feel too much different from what we do today. After all, we all rely on layers, warm and filling food, and turning the heat up when it gets really bad to keep from turning into a Popsicle during the coldest months of the year. But there is something really endearing and nostalgic about remembering all the methods we used as kids and teenagers when it was just too cold to handle.

While those chilly winter months full of holidays and snow angels are different for everybody, I'm willing to bet these ways we tried to stay warm in the '90s will ring a bell for many a '90s kid:

1. Wearing Headphone Earmuffs

Yeah, you remember those headphones that had enormous earmuffs on the outside? So '90s.

2. Drinking Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

There's no bad time for some hot chocolate from a packet, am I right?

3. Dancing Around The Living Room In Toe Socks

Toe socks were the unsung hero of '90s fashion. Especially if they were toe socks that went up to your knees.

4. Curling Up In Bed In Footie Pajamas

On those glorious snowy days you didn't have school, you know you stayed in bed all day in your footie pajamas like a butterfly in a cocoon.

5. Building An Elaborate Blanket Fort

When it was too cold to play outside, you know you had to burn off that energy somehow. Blanket forts in the living room it is.

6. Styling Your Turtlenecks, Vests, and Fuzzy Hats

The fashion of a preteen in the '90s, summed up in one outfit.

7. Warming Your Soul With Macaroni and Cheese

On those chilly evenings you were responsible for making dinner for yourself, you know you chowed down on a Blue Box Special more than once.

8. Rocking A Scarf Your Grandmother Knitted You

Who didn't have at least one super long, super warm scarf made from someone in their family? My bet is that it came from grandma (although there's also something to be said for cultivating "old lady hobbies" even when you are neither old, nor a lady.)

9. Wearing A Pleather Jacket When You Went To The Mall

Because obviously you can't wear the scarf your grandma made you to the mall — definitely not fly enough. So a fitted pleather jacket it is.

10. Two Words: Freezy. Freakies.

Color-changing gloves? Yes please. And guess what? They're back. In adult sizes. Clearly someone important somewhere wants us to be happy.

11. Slurping Ramen Noodles

If you weren't craving mac and cheese, my bet is you were making a steaming bowl of ramen to warm up your soul as your after school snack.

12. Building Elaborate Snowmen In Your Yard

Sure, being outside in the snow is going to make you a whole lot colder, but, doing physical activity warms you up... which is why you spent so much time being outside, even though it was totally freezing.

13. Sporting A Full-Body Snow Suit

If you ever went skiing or snowboarding as a kid, you know you had to put on those super puffy, super heavy snowsuits.

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