'Don't Breathe' Star Jane Levy Says Donald Trump Has Forced Her To Become A Fighter

In the psychological thriller Don't Breathe, Jane Levy's character Rocky kicks some serious ass. In the film, things take a turn for the worst when Rocky and her two friends attempt to rob a blind man (Stephen Lang), unbeknownst to them that he won't go down without a fight of fatal outcomes. Rocky is not to be messed with when in survival mode, though, and neither is Levy. The actor explains how she can relate to Rocky's strong-willed need to fight, particularly in the wake of president-elect Donald Trump and the events of the 2016 election.

The 26-year-old actor admits that below her tough exterior she's actually fairly sensitive and quite vulnerable. "I know when people often meet me I have a very serious mask, but underneath I’m actually a really big crybaby," she says. But the election outcome sparked something within Levy that caused her to act on those emotions. "I’m definitely a fighter. I have very strong beliefs and I will protect them to the death," she says. "With everything that’s going on in the world right now, Donald Trump getting elected as president... I have felt so emotional, scared, hurt, angry." Levy's hurt and she's letting the world know it.

Between Trump's "grab them by the pussy" controversy and possible threat to birth control and abortion access, many American women feel unsure and unsafe, and Levy is one of them. However, she's turning that fear into fight. "It has lit a flame in me to be an activist and a fighter and wanting to protect women’s rights and human rights," she says.

Regardless of the chaotic day-to-day shuffle, Levy remembers to constantly keep this fight in mind and take action. "I’m kicking myself, because I feel like I didn’t do enough before this election, I feel like most of us feel that same way," she says. "I’m going to remember every day, we gotta keep fighting and resist this man and his oppressive ideas."

Levy's Instagram account is a perfect example of how vocal she's been on the importance of turning emotion into action. And as discouraged as she may feel at times, she remains optimistic. "This election has made me feel closer to the people I love and want to be closer with [them]," she explains. "It also has made me want to connect with people that I don't know because we're all in this together. We have a lot of work to do."

Levy's real-life fight is inspiring, and Rocky would definitely be proud.

Don't Breathe is available on Blu-ray & DVD November 29th.

Image: Sony Pictures