11 '90s Inspired Christmas Decorations You Must Have To Relive The Glory Days

The holiday season is upon us and it's time to deck the halls with all the '90s inspired Christmas decorations you can get your hands on. I know you're probably freaking out a little bit with this news — a mixture of "Oh my God, how can it be December already? It feels like yesterday I was just carefree and five years old and now it's almost 2017!" and "What are these '90s inspired Christmas decorations you speak of shut up I need to know right now so I can buy them!" The '90s was of course, like all things, a great time for Christmas. When it came to holiday sweaters, the uglier the better. Christmas accessories were pretty much the same — don't even try to tell me you didn't own at least one pair of over-sized candy cane earrings.

But your '90s inspired Christmas decorating needn't be so gaudy (unless you want it to be!). Given that the '90s are tres chic right now, there's plenty of swag you can buy to decorate in homage of the '90s, while still being low key cool. From pop culture inspired ornaments to funny little decorative quirks you'll remember from your childhood, there's plenty to bring out your inner Mariah Carey (aka the Spirit of '90s Christmas). Here are 11 '90s inspired Christmas decorations you must have now.

1. A Festivus Welcome Mat To Celebrate A Less Denominational And More LOL Holiday

Happy Festivus Welcome Mat, $47, Etsy

If you're not really into consumerism and religion and you like jokes and Seinfeld, then get yourself a Festivus welcome mat for Christmas.

2. An X-Files Ornament, But With A Christmas Twist

X-Files I Want To Believe Christmas Ornament, $16, Etsy

Mulder in a Santa hat is well... Pretty sexy. Also, "I want to believe" applies just as equally to Santa Claus as it does to aliens, so you'll nail '90s Christmas with an awesome double entendre.

3. A Pikachu Mug To Decorate Your Coffee Table

Pokemon Pikachu Santa Hat Mug, $11, Amazon

Pokemon are back now, but '90s kids will remember them from our youths. Why sip from a boring old nothing mug when you could have a Christmas Pikachu mug decorating your coffee table on Christmas morning?

4. A Crystal Ornament Your '90s Self Would Have Freaked Out Over

Natural Geode Crystal Ornament, $18, Urban Outfitters

Remember how much you loved collecting crystals in the '90s? Give that little crystal collector inside you a massive treat with an ornament from the centre of the earth.

5. A Stocking That Celebrates Your Favorite '90s Pop Icons

New Kids On The Block Christmas Stocking, $15, Etsy

Reach so far back into the '90s it overlaps with the '80s, and pick a New Kids On The Block Christmas stocking to hang over the fireplace, and have a funky, funky Xmas.

6. A Surreal Deer In A Popping Color

Paperchase Christmas Pink Bambi Deer Decoration, $20, ASOS

I used to have so many of these little Christmas animals. Usually deer. I'm not sure that they're strictly '90s, but I haven't seen them around since I was a kid. And anyway, look how pretty and whimsical it is!

7. A Handmade '90s Pop Tree Ornament

Lisa Left Eye Lopez Shrink Plastic Hand Drawn Ornament, $14, Etsy

Whoever your favorite '90s pop star is, there's a decoration to celebrate them, like this Lisa Left Eye Lopez one — which you don't have to restrict to just hanging up around Christmas time.

8. Decoration For Your Ear Holes Via The Goddess Of Christmas

Mariah Carey Christmas LP, $25, Urban Outfitters

Decorate the very air you inhabit this Christmas with the sweet sounds of the Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey.

9. Something Celebrating Christmas With '90s Phrasing

Paperchase Christmas Have A Cool Yule Bunting, $16, ASOS

"Have a cool yule" is not only a great rhyme, it sounds really '90s. You know, back in the time when everything was "cool", "awesome", "ace" or "whatever".

10. A Retro Throwback Ornament

Golden Girls Glitter Christmas Ornament, $14, Etsy

What's more retro (and awesome) than The Golden Girls? I used to watch the gals on the school holidays with my grandmother when she was babysitting, and can't imagine a better ode to Christmas, and a childhood spent watching old ladies make dirty jokes, than a glittering orb to hang from the tree.

11. Birds To Clip On The Tree Because Clip On Birds Were Your '90s Jam

Paperchase Christmas Glitter Birds, $16, ASOS

I loved these clip on birds in the '90s. They were kind of creepy with their synthetic feathers and blank gazes, but they were also really addictive when it came to tree decoration for some reason. You can get some cute ones still, which are not at all as creepy as they were in the old days.

Image: ABC