12 '90s Inspired Mugs That Will Keep Your Coffee Nostalgically Warm

Winter isn't just coming, it's here, and you're going to need a cool '90s inspired mug to keep yourself toasty with warm drinks all season long. There's something about drinking out of a mug you love that makes your coffee, tea, eggnog or hot chocolate so much tastier. Like when you're sitting at your work computer, and you distractedly glance to your side, see your cute mug, and it makes you smile. It might seem mundane, but it's a small moment of magic in your regular old day. Especially if you're a caffeine addict, you should really invest in something that makes you feel happy every time you take a sip.

If you're a child of the '90s, choosing a mug can give you that throwback experience every time you go for a warm drink fix. Whether you love Clueless, '90s television shows, or just the general vibe of the '90s, there's a '90s inspired home accessory for you. So get ready to settle into hibernation mode, and binge watch Friends (maybe multiple times) while sipping from a Central Perk style mug that is literally the size of your face. Here are twelve '90s inspired mugs you can buy to sip heartily from this snowy season.

1. A Friends Mug, Because Central Perk Is The Ultimate Symbol Of Coffee In The '90s

If you're any kind of '90s child, you immediately associate coffee with Central Perk, and therefore must have a coffee mug that reflects your sensibilities.

Friends Mug, $12, UrbanOutfitters.com

2. A Mug With The Lyrics Every '90s Kid Instinctively Knows How To Finish

'90s kids know when they hear the words "In West Philadelphia," their time has come to not only finish with "Born and raised," but to complete the entire theme song for The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. It's basically your duty as a '90s child. No '90s child would ever, in good conscience, allow the song to go unfinished on their watch.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Lyrics Mug, $15, Etsy.com

3. An Insider-y Saved By The Bell Mug

It's not just a Saved By The Bell mug, it's a The Max mug. It shows that you really loved Saved By The Bell, and weren't just some casual fan.

The Max Saved By The Bell Mug, $15, Amazon.com

4. A Mug That Is Definitely Not A Big, Huge Mistake

An amazingly illustrated Pretty Woman mug is always a good decision.

Pretty Woman 90's Retro Coffee Mug Cup, $11.56, Etsy.com

5. A Cool Lisa Mug Because Let's Face It, Lisa Was Your Favorite Even Though You Never Admitted It

If you were a nerd like me, Lisa was your favorite. And when she got away with being cool for a second, well, that made her even more of a fave. Wear your nerd on your mug with a Cool Lisa ceramic.

Cool Lisa Mug, $10.27, Etsy.com

6. A TLC Meets Dictionary Mug

A reminder of what we DO NOT WANT, ladies.

No Scrubs Mug, $15, Etsy.com

7. A Mug That Embraces The Point Break Spirit Of Pearl Jam And '90s Surf Culture

Nineties surf culture was radical, and if you were into it, you can parlay that into a sweet mug that says "Hang loose, brah" — something that you would never say now, but that you probably said at least once in the '90s.

Hang Loose Bra Mug, $15, Society6.com

8. A Clueless Mug, Because It's Not A '90s List Unless You Include Something From Clueless

You can't be a true '90s child without a little Cher Horowitz in your life.

Cher Clueless Mug, $15, Redbubble.com

9. A Mug With A Pattern That Reminds You Of A Pair Of Pants You Wore In The '90s

There are plenty of mugs with really cool patterns that still hold up today but that look like something you wore on your pants or parachute jacket back in the early '90s.

Pineapple Mug, $15, Society6.com

10. An X-Files Mug

Because the truth is still out there, and it might even be in your tea leaves.

I Heart Dana Scully Mug, $15, Redbubble.com

11. A Sexual Seinfeld Mug

Include a little LOL and a little sexuality with your morning coffee with a sexy George Costanza mug.

Seinfeld Timeless Art Of Seduction Mug, $15, Redbubble.com

12. A Sailor Moon Meets Starbucks Mug

Put your Sailor Moon obsession where your coffee is, with a parody mug that puts your girl in the centre of the ubiquitous Starbucks logo.

Sailor Moon Parody Mug, $14.99, Etsy.com

Image: NBC