Do These Women Get Off More?

If you’re a single woman, boy, do I have great news for you. According to a new study, you’re having more orgasms than you’re coupled-up counterparts. Yes! I’m not even writing this to be nice or quell your fears that your orgasm count is lacking. It’s true. Well, at least according to this one particular study.

The study out of Finland, of 2,173 Finnish women with an average age of 25 at the beginning of the study, found that over the seven-year study, using the Female Sexual Function Index, single women came out on top in regards to orgasm frequency. Again: Yes! Although before they got to that conclusion, they found that these rates changed throughout women’s lives, with those women who stayed in monogamous relationships throughout the seven-year study suffering from decreased sex drive while single women experienced an “orgasmic ability” of the highest order during those seven years.

As for those who started the study coupled up, but in another relationship by the time the seven-year period came to an end, they found their “orgasmic ability,” (which should totally be the name of a band), to be somewhere in the middle. However, their ability still fell short of women who remained single throughout the entire study.

"Sexual desire and libido are very unique and different for each woman," Dr. Jennifer Caudle, family physician, assistant professor at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. "Factors that can contribute to a woman's ability to orgasm are many — possibilities range from the type of relationship the woman is in, to the level of communication that she has with her partner."

Here's what experts had to say about why single women are getting off more.

1. Single Women Tend To Masturbate More

While Dr. Dawn Michael, certified clinical sexologist, sexuality counselor, and author of My Husband Wont Have Sex With Me notes the study had too many variables, she did have this to say about masturbation: “Women in relationships tend to masturbate less often, and when having sex with their partner may not orgasm every time, and this can be one reason why women do have decreased orgasms in relationship as opposed to alone and masturbating more, thus having more orgasms alone.”

2. Single Women Could Be More Comfortable In Their Skin

While there’s no denying that people in long-term relationships are probably quite comfortable with each other, just because a woman is single doesn’t mean she can’t be equally comfortable. The comfort level that a woman]has with her own body can also play a major role in orgasm ability, Dr. Caudle says, and, as Dr. Michael notes, a lot of masturbation would lead to excessive levels of comfort.

3. Single Women Figure Out What Gets Them Off

Being single and still maintaining a sexual life, whether alone or with partners, teaches women how to get themselves off in ways that those in relationships do not, as the study suggests. Combine that with more masturbation and increased comfort levels, and orgasms are like a slam dunk.

4. Single Women Might Be Better At Communicating What They Want

Because the study did include orgasms from both intercourse and masturbation, which does lead to too many variables, as Dr. Michael says, when a woman does have ample time to hone her orgasm ability skills, this could lead to better communication.

As Dr. Caudle notes above, the level of communication a woman has with their partner plays a role in her orgasm. If you're a single woman who's having a fling solely for sex, you're definitely going to be more vocal in expressing what you need and want in order to climax.

While it's hard to say if single women are having more orgasms because they're having sex that induced them or just masturbating more than women in relationships, the fact remains that communication, feeling comfortable with yourself (and a partner) and figuring out what you want in bed is always important in your sex life — whether you're single or attached.

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