Meghan Markle Is The Clear Star Of The 'Anti-Social: Special Edition' Trailer — VIDEO

Meghan Markle was just a semi-famous actress for television (Suits) and a few indie movies up until she started dating Prince Harry. Such is royalty: it has the side effect of being a magical fame inducer. But as Markle in the Anti-Social trailer demonstrates, she should also be famous by way of her own talent. Because, so far, it looks like she's going to dazzle in the British crime thriller.

The film, which is based on the stories of three infamous heists in London — the 2009 Graff Diamonds robbery, a 2013 Selfridges Burka robbery, and the 2012 Brent-Cross motorbike robbery — originally came out in the UK in 2015. However, for the American release titled Anti-Social: Special Edition, the director Reg Traviss (AKA Amy Winehouse's boyfriend at the time of her death) decided to shorten the film and focus more one storyline. From the trailer, it seems the storyline in question is focused on the new romantic relationship between Markle's character, Kirsten, and her artistic boyfriend Dee (Gregg Sulkin).

Dee is a street-artist inspired by anarchy and fighting the system, while his brother Marcus (Josh Myers) and their friends choose to fight the system by getting into the highly profitable smash-and-grab heist game. While Dee feels drawn to a new life of being an artsy socialite with his model girlfriend Kirsten, he also has loyalties to his criminal brother.

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While the bond between the brothers is a big focus in the trailer, the romance between Kirsten and Dee lights the whole thing up. Fans might come for that classic British heist movie feel, but they'll stay to see Markle looking adoringly at her character's lover. In the trailer, Kirsten tries to persuade her new man to stay away from no-good brother and his band of merry thieves, but, despite her best attempts and the bright, fresh world she provides, Dee sees the buckets of money his brother is making... er... stealing.

IMDB reminds us that, despite how darling Kirsten is, an "ultra-violent" gangland war will send Dee back to his home turf to assist his brother and the gang on a biggest job of their lives — if the police and rivaling gangs don't take them out first.

You can't help but focus on Markle's character in the trailer. All she wants is a cool street artist boyfriend to show off to her friends, and she's getting much more than she bargained for. It will be exciting to see her grace and poise while playing a constantly-lied-to girlfriend when the movie is available to rent or own on all major digital and cable VOD platforms on January 2, 2017. Because, let's be real, the heist thing is cool, but we're really all in it for Prince Harry's talented girlfriend.

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