Brittany Murphy's Final Film 'Something Wicked' Finally Released Its First Trailer

It's been more than four years since Brittany Murphy tragically passed away and the industry and her fans are still reeling from the loss. The last film the late actress completed before her untimely death was a horror-thriller, Something Wicked. The movie, which is about the chilling effects on a family after a tragic car crash, preimeres on April 4 in Eugene, Oregon, where it was filmed. As seen in the trailer for Brittany Murphy's last film, Something Wicked is a sexed-up mystery that, sadly, involves a lot of traumatic death scenes. Considering the controversial death of its biggest star, the release of the film is quite hard to stomach.

The story follows two young lovers coming to grips with disaster. Murphy, according to Something Wicked screenwriter Joe Colleran is, "A psychiatrist who observes the couple's deteriorating relationship and sets out to determine what sinister forces are driving the madness." Colleran also commented in an interview with USA Today, "Brittany pulled off one of the spookiest scenes in the movie […] There’s an important scene where her character is unraveling and she spent a long time getting ready and focused and went for it. Personally, I think it’s one of the best scenes of her career.”

The Final Destination feel of the trailer does not bode well for the ultimate fate for any of the characters. The anxiety-inducing clip is difficult to watch on many, many levels. And though Something Wicked may leave audiences with an uncomfortable pang, fans will remember the gifted star for her charming comedic sensibility in films like Clueless and Uptown Girls and as a bonafide dramatic leading woman in films like 8 Mile and Riding in Cars With Boys.

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