11 Matching Gifts For Couples Inspired By The '90s

Nothing is cuter in this world than a '90s inspired gift for couples. Considering it's the season to be giving, what better way to increase the romance between your couple friends by a million percent than by giving them something matching, and something that rekindles their '90s nostalgia. From Ross and Rachel to Chandler and Monica to Phoebe and Mike to Joey and food, there's a '90s romance to suit everyone. Are you more of a Johnny and Winona or a Johnny and a Kate? Or were you a little bit younger in the '90s, maybe a Zack and Kelly fan? Or were you a little freakier, a little more into the sexual chemistry between Scully and Mulder?

No matter what your favorite '90s couple was, there's a staggering amount of '90s couples gifts out there for you to choose from. Mugs, pillows, matching t-shirts and even pins and candles. But you might want to stay away from the Romeo + Juliet references: Leo and Claire might have been hot in their '90s roles, but we all know how that ended. Whether your friends have the essential '90s "will they won't they" sitcom relationship, or whether it's your own relationship that's solid as a rock, here are 11 matching gifts for couples inspired by the '90s that will have your Santa sack full this December.

1. For The Ultimate Grunge Couple, A Set Of Kurt And Courtney Pins

Kurt and Courtney Pin Pack, $20, Etsy

One loves Nirvana and one loves Hole. Together they're the perfect throwback grunge couple. Give them something they can wear separately, but that goes together like the one of the craziest, wildest love affairs of the '90s.

2. A Crap Bag And Princess Consuela Banana Hammock Set Of Pillows For The Funny, Quirky Couple

Friends Phoebe and Mike Pillow Set, $35, Etsy

It's so predictable to be Ross and Rachel anyway--get something from the best couple that ever was, Mike and Phoebe, to commemorate the time they truly matched each others weirdness.

3. A Friendship Bracelet

Wax Cord Bracelet, $1.28 each, Etsy

Friendship bracelets can be for couples too! Some of the best couples are best friends. Buy or make one for your loved one.

4. Something Trendy, Bowie, and Labyrinth Related

Labyrinth Appreciation T-shirt, $17.96, Etsy

Sure, Labyrinth came out in the '80s, but every '90s child grew up with it. For a cool couple that loves the cult film, matching t-shirts with the Goblin King being all creepy and in love are the perfect gift.

5. Couples Prayer Candles

Scully and Mulder Prayer Candles, $18, Etsy

For the X-Files loving couple, get a set of prayer candles, and each can have the one they prefer. Every time one partner lights their candle it will be in tribute to their relationship (awwww) but mostly to the truth being out there.

6. Beautiful Matching Prints Of Unlikely Love

Edward Scissorhands Watercolor, from $16.68, Etsy

Johnny Depp might be an asshole now, but once upon a time he was Edward Scissorhands (which doesn't mean we should still revere him now, but it's undeniable that at the time we loved him), the creepiest sweet guy ever. And this art is kind of beautiful.

7. A Britpop Gift For The Music Loving Couple

Blur "Coffee & TV" Milky and Strawberry 3D Printed Phone Case Set, $52, Etsy

These 3D-printed Milky and Strawberry phone cases from Blur's "Coffee & TV" video are just ADORABLE.

8. Something To Do With Lobsters

You're My Lobster Personalized Mugs, $16 each, Etsy

I know I said being Ross and Rachel is predictable, but Phoebe said it, so it's OK. Anything related to lobsters is the cutest inside joke that's also kind of romantic that any '90s kid will love. It means you're going to be together forever. You can even find one that's personalized and put your names on it.

9. A Bayside High Perfect Couple Set

The Max T-Shirt, $22, Etsy.com | Bayside Tigers Sweater, $22, Etsy

One works at The Max and the other wears the school sweater. It's brilliant.

10. A Set Of Wayne's World Pins For The Ultimate Party Time, Excellent Couple

Wayne's World Pin Set, $20, Etsy

If you are or you know a couple that's all about jokes, adventures, and just chilling together, get them some matching Garth and Wayne pins to celebrate their groovy love.

11. Something Cool And Matching An Tie Dyed, Like Socks, Because Not Everyone Is Into Wearing Head To Toe Tie Dye Anymore

His & Hers Tie Dye Socks, $12.19, Etsy

His and hers (or hers and hers and his and his) tie dye socks are adorable. We spent most of our time tie-dyeing anything we could get our hands on in the '90s, so you could even tie dye two matching pairs yourself!

Image: NBC.com