Chris Pratt's Purposely Bad Photos With Jennifer Lawrence Are Actually Perfection — PHOTOS

Here's another thing to add to the already long list of why Chris Pratt is amazing. During the press tour for his film Passengers, Chris Pratt is purposely sharing bad photos with Jennifer Lawrence, his co-star from the movie. If you follow him on Instagram (if you don't, follow him now), then you've probably noticed how he's been posting pictures with J. Law. However, her face is either cropped out of them or they show only the back of her head. Clearly, Pratt is doing this on purpose, and it's hilarious. It also seems like he's either cropping her face out or that is how he's asking the photographer to take the picture. Whatever the case, the photos are truly perfection. Leave it to Star-Lord to make an intentionally bad photo a success.

I'd like to know if Lawrence is in on Pratt's fabulous prank. It seems like something she'd totally be on board with, because she has a fabulous sense of humor just like he does, but who knows. J. Law doesn't have social media, so this could also be Pratt's way of respecting her choice and privacy. Or, you know, the former Parks and Recreation star thought this would be fun way to survive what I'm sure is a long and tiring press tour.

Either way, Pratt is once again winning at life and Lawrence has never looked better. Check out the photos here.

A Photo For The Fans

She's all smiles.

The Only Selfie Pratt Needs

There's no denying the back of her head is beautiful.

Her Best Pose Yet

Get it, J. Law. Get it.

Here's hoping Pratt's purposely bad photo taking skills with Lawrence continue, because they are officially now something I look froward to every time I log onto Instagram. Until then, keep track of him on Snapchat (chrisprattsnap), where the Guardians of the Galaxy actor has promised fans a snap with Lawrence — or at least half of her face.