13 'Pushing Daises' Gifts Every Pie Hole Patron Needs In Their Life

The holiday gift giving season is here again, and if you have a true blue Pushing Daisies fan on your list, I have you covered. The one thing every Pushing Daisies fan wants for Christmas is a trip to the Pie Hole, but since the exact location of Coeur d'Coeurs is unknown, the next best thing is a personal piece of Pushing Daisies swag. Given how long the show has been off the air, you want to avoid boxsets. Fans either have the DVDs already, or they are all set watching the episodes on CW Seed. Instead, be a gifting hero and give them something so cool that even Ned would break his no hugging policy for you.

With its pies, whimsy, and raising the dead, it is safe to say Pushing Daisies and its fans are unique. They deserve a gift that celebrates their love for Ned and Chuck, or reminds them to always channel Olive when they are down. When you give the gift of Pushing Daisies , you want your chosen present to make as bright and bold a statement as the show always did.

The items on this list are not quite an all-expenses paid trip to the Pie Hole to share a slice of pie with Emerson, but for your Pushing Daisies-loving friend they will be the next best thing.

1. A Sophisticated Poster

Pushing Daisies Minimalist Poster, $15, Etsy

Pie combined with one of the show's best quotes? Every fan needs this gorgeous poster for their kitchen.

2. Quirky Chic Nail Wraps

Tattify Skull Flower Nail Wraps, $4.99, Amazon

Chuck would totally rock these whimsical, but dark nail wraps. Their subtle nod to the show makes them the ideal way to pay homage to the special world Bryan Fuller created.

3. The Perfect Piece Of Jewelry For Chuck Fans

Charlotte Charles Charm Bracelet, $24, Etsy

The lonely tourist in your life will adore this stylish quote bracelet.

4. A T-Shirt With The Whole Pie Hole Crew

Pushing Daisies Names Shirt, $29.50, Redbubble

This shirt not only represents the whole Pie Hole gang (including Digby), it also comes in a variety of colors and sizes S-2XL.

5. The Pillow Olive Fans Will Cherish

Throw Pillow Cover, $20, Society6

If you have an Olive in your life, treat them with an item as witty as they are, like this amazing pillow cover full of the character's signature sass.

6. A Clever Phone Cover

"I Make Pies" Phone Case, $25, Redbubble

Between the quote and the flowers, this phone case is pure nostalgia.

7. The Shipper's Coffee Cup

Pushing Daisies Silhouette, $15, Society6

Chuck and Ned's kisses were rare, but they always made shippers' hearts beat a little faster. What better way to commemorate those special scenes than with a beautiful mug?

8. Perfect Retro Badges For Jacket-Wearers

Pushing Daisies 4 Pack Buttons, $4.04, Etsy

These badges will look awesome pinned to your BFF's jacket or backpack, and they make excellent conversation starters.

9. A Taste Of The Pie Hole

Apple Gruyere Pie Scented Lip Balm, $3.75, Etsy

If you can't bring your friend to the Pie Hole, bring a little Pie Hole to your friend with chapstick in the flavor of the shop's most memorable pies.

10. The Tote They Won't Leave Home Without

The Facts Were These Tote, $18, Society6

It will almost be like the Narrator is narrating their life.

11. The Cutest Earrings In All The Land

Clay Pushing Daises Earrings, $9, Etsy

A pie and a daisy made of clay — you will be hard pressed to find a gift more on theme than this one.

12. A Stocking Stuffer Pack Of Awesome

Pushing Daisies Stocking Stuffers, $8, Etsy

A Ned print, a Chuck pouch, and a character button set? This is a steal, guys.

13. Their Very Own Pie Hole Notepad

Pushing Daisies Spiral Notebook, $12.50, Redbubble

Let the Ned in your life jot down all their ideas for crazy pie creations in this simple, but super cute notebook.

If you made it to the end of this list and still can't decide what to buy your Pushing Daisies-loving pal, then don't forget you can always make them a pie inspired by the show. No one has ever turned down pie — just ask Ned.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Etsy (6); Redbubble (3); Society6 (3); Amazon